Thursday, 5 February 2009

Stash Interview from Sew-Mama-Sew

What do you usually sew? Oh? Am I meant to actually do something with the fabric I buy?

When you shop for fabric, what size cuts do you usually buy? (i.e. If you see something beautiful, but you don’t have a use for it right away, how much do you buy?) I tend to be a F.Q. kinda gal but have been known to stretch to a half or even on the odd occasion a full metre of loveliness.

Do you buy on impulse or do you go out looking for something you need? It is rare that I need some new fabric to stroke so probably impulse when I spot something amazing.

Are you a pre-washer? It is my mother's fault but yes.

If you are, do you wash your fabric before you need it, or only when you’re ready to use it? How can one wait when in need of fabric stroking? Pre-wash immediately I say.

Do you iron it? This is definitely my mother's fault - yes! Yes! and yay again - YES!

How do you sort it? (color, print size, collection, etc.) I actually just rearranged my little drawer of loveliness yesterday so I know it is all arranged flat and neat. That's it, nothing special or desperately organised.

Do you have any special folding techniques? Flat and neat.

How do you store your fabric? Drawer. Flat. Neat. (Hello! Is anyone hearing me? I think your questioneer is stuck in a loop!)

What tips do you have for building up a well-rounded stash? Buy what you love and trade what you don't because someone out there will.

When do you say enough is enough? Am I dead yet?

What are some of your favorite stash-busting projects? Well, I think one or two of my favourites may be getting a little worn in patches from the stroking.....

Do you have a current favorite print in your stash? Hmmm. I shall ponder and come back. Let’s see it! In a minute! Give us a chance!!

What’s your definition of the perfect stash? (Consider sharing a picture or two of your stash & storage, or direct us to a pic on Flickr!) One I can choose from all the loveliness I see and then swap when I am done. At the moment mine is a pretty good small scale reproduction of this.


  1. Oooooh look at Isabel! What a beautiful pup - look forward to seeing lots more photos of her.

    Love your interview - stash stroking should be an Olympic sport.


  2. Very well considered answers there Mrs Trash. Most impressed with the flat and neat organisation of yoru stash!

    Isabel is a perfect name for puppers - just don't tell Minx I said so as she's been asking for days whether you chose Buttercup or Daisy.....


  3. ROFLMAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    great interview!!!LOL

  4. ooooh, can't wait to meet Isabel! nice to see you don't have a stash problem!


  5. Isabel - lovely name for a small snub-nosed hairy lady.

    Flat and neat? Not stuffed in a box of jumble then? Hmm I think I need to, er, visit my stash and follow the Trash Stash example Mrs Stashy. Ironing though - a step too far! There be dragons.

  6. What?

    You didn't call her Chook?

    After I asked you nicely?


    I read the stash bit of your post in my lunchbreak today and laughed and laughed!

    But the idea of you being neat and irony has me rather troubled..........

    Locket xxx

  7. Very well considered answers there Mrs Trash. Most impressed with the flat
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  8. so you store your stash lumpy and messy then, eh?! too...

    :) :) :) :) :)

    (HA! i CRACK m'self up! CONSTANTLY!!!)