Saturday, 28 March 2009

Small things

Pip from Meet Me at Mike's has a fabulous meme she has invited the world to share.
This week's theme is 'small things'.

I proffer a much beloved quote.

A multitude of small delights constitutes happiness.
Charles Baudelaire


  1. I have a friend who often plans weekends away etc because she needs nice things to look forward to - and I totally understand that. But my happiness tends to come from more regular but smaller things like new sock wool or some gorgeous fabric!

    Lucy x

  2. Happiness sometimes creeps up and leaps at you, just when you least expect it. Other times it buggers off on holiday without telling you, and only when it's been gone for a while do you realise it went.

    Tricky little bugger is happiness.


  3. The big bad stuff is definitely more tolerable when the small good stuff happens. Last night, as I left her house, my mum pressed a crochet scarf into my hands that I'd given her as a present. I've got it on loan for a little while. Small stuff, good stuff. Emma x

  4. i think sometimes we take the small things for granted - small things make me very happy - reading a book, knitting, sewing - aah heaven!


  5. I think it's the little things that have kept me sane of late! Like the beautiful cherry tree in the garden and the birds singing on the way to school :-)


  6. I like little things too. Especially little baby kisses and hugs. Mommy likey.

  7. Oh so true -- beautiful picture!