Sunday, 22 March 2009

OK so what happened was.....

(Giovanna and the knife - the fore story)

..... first let me state that my sister is completely uninjured and feels fine, if a little daft ;-)

second let me also state that my sister is one of those very organised types who has a place for everything and everything in its place. Unlike up here on the hill, God does not dry the dishes at Giovanna's.

Which leads me to wonder WHY when washing the dishes on Saturday she altered her normal method and rather than putting the knives flat on a tea towel to air dry, she used the cutlery drainer. Yes you read that correctly - she put the 14" uber-blades into a drainer. And before you ask- YES they were blade up! So please limit your sympathy and come join me in a little giggle


  1. Sorry Giovanna ( and I have met you and know that you are a lovely, capable,intelligent woman)but that was just about the funniest thing I have ever heard, and this from a woman who once got called to school because someone had cut a hole in their sons eyelid.....
    Your support in these times is above reproach trash !

  2. Sorry Giovanna - I'm just sniggering!

    Only because Trashy has assured us that you weren't hurt in the process!

    Locket xx

  3. Blade up? Hmm, yes even I don't do that anymore. Not after the MIL told me the story about someone falling into their dishwasher (what the ...?) and stabbing themselves through the chest. Afterall us HBs are a bit accident prone. My sister stuck a small garden stake through her eye some while back. That one always raises a few laughs at family get-togethers, too.

  4. Just the thought of knife meets eyeball makes me feel a little queasy. *shudder*

    Sounds like just the dopey kind of thing I would do though.


  5. I still feel traumatised by the thought of it.

  6. One of our kids in school sharpened their finger in a pencil sharpener. Sounds equally daft - but said child was only 4 at the time. I take it Giovanna is a little older?

  7. Huh? I thought you said she was intelligent? Now, Jodie...what the heck? How could anyone cut a hole in someone's eyelid?

  8. You guys are SO funny! And your commenters only add to the hilarity!

  9. Hi Trash,
    Oh my lordy ! Blade up eh ? Ooh, I don't want to think about it ..

    I've finished 'Woof and Wag' so will blog tomorrow hopefully. You are more than welcome flower to purchase or commission. See if you like the finished article first though x

  10. I have nearly done that too, now the blades go DOWN. Glad your sister is okay.