Friday, 3 April 2009


three weeks ago I ordered online LOADS of fabulous Amy Butler fabric (and a few others;-) with which to finish my Fortnums quilt.

AB-Midwest-Modern-Happy-Dots-Ice - 1 yard
Amy Butler-Daisy Chain-8 FQ Fat Quarter Collection
Amy Butler-Ohio Sky Fat Quarter Collection - 20 Fat Quarters
Heather Bailey-Pop Garden Turquoise Fat Quarter
KF Prints Collection Floating Flowers Green GP56 -1 yard
KF Roman-Glass Pastel - 1FQ
MM Ginger Blossom Blossom Buds Breeze - 1 yard

28 FQs of Amy Butler!!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh I was getting quite excited at the thought but by last week it hadn't turned up. I emailed chasing the order and didn't hear back. So I rang them and left a message asking for an email response - nothing. I just went to ring again having first checked the time difference (6 hours behind the UK in case you were wondering) and on the website is a note saying 'they have gone out of business and all orders numbered up to 20 before mine will be shipped after that - nothing.' So tough. You are out of luck. Dream on baby because it isn't happening here. So long and thanks for all the fish.

So shall have to replan the fabric choices for my Fortnums quilt. Anyone know of a good deal on Amy Butler blue fat quarters? Anyone?


  1. shit. That's the place I told you about, isn't it? Half of my order has shown up, the other half has been dispatched, so I'm hoping it'll turn up any day now. In the meantime, I shall go searching for Amy Butler - bargain Amy Butler.....

    back soon.....

  2. Oh :-( That's pants isn't it? x

  3. I saw that yesterday -- that's awful! Hopefully they didn't charge your credit card. ;-(

  4. Ditto Anna - hope they haven't charged you!

    John Lewis has lots of really reasonably priced Amy Butler and so does and they do free delivery over £15 and are really speedy and helpful at getting the parcel out - best service I've come across I think!

    Hope that helps cos you're not having my stash!!!!

    Locket xxxx

    P.S. I'M ON HOLIDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. At the risk of sounding extremely juvenile - that sux!!!

    Have you tried Etsy? I've found some reasonably priced fabric on there recently. Amy Butler going for about 7 USD a yard - heaps cheaper than $25 AUD a metre.

    I hope you find what you're after!

  6. well that truly sucks - what a pain!


  7. Geeze, what a pain in the proverbial!!! Have you tried the Fat Quarter Shop?? I've dealt with them a few times and they've been totally reliable.
    Hope you didn't get charged for them ... eeek!!
    Joy :o)

  8. Shockin', shockin'....well - SHITE, really.

    My offerings - or (search Amy Butler - they have quite a lot)

  9. oh bugger !
    That is terrifically uncool trash.

  10. oh my.thats just plain awful!!!!I do hope you weren't changed for the non existant order!!!
    Hope you find some even better fabric at a better price!!

    aussie hugs

  11. Oh noes! That is terrible! 1. I hope you weren't charged, and 2. I hope you can get some more fabric!

  12. I've had the same experience with that company - luckily they didn't debit my card, and I'd only ordered plain white cotton too so I imagine that's not nearly as disappointing as losing all that lovely Amy Butler fabric! Hope you find some good bargains soon.

  13. I'm seriously hoping you haven't lost any money in this deal Trash.

  14. I hope they haven't charged you. Ummm, an Aussie blogger got me a great deal but they are not the blue ones. Drop me an email but the postage might be a bit much. I'll keep my fingers crossed for you

  15. Oh that's a pain. Hope you weren't charged.

  16. Bummer!! If you were charged for this you'll probably be covered by your credit card guarantee though. Not that that helps with the lack of fabric. Grrrrr.


  17. There's a great shop near my lys - let me know if you are still in need and I'll pop in to do a purchase for you. (Oh! and with the exchange rate, you'll make a killing!!)

    ps: the shop isn't tooooo far from CK's USA office, btw. Is he EVER coming to see me?

  18. Bad luck about your fabric. But I have an award for you over on my blog.

  19. That's crap!! I hope you haven't lost any money.

  20. Hey Trash, did you find some bargain AB fabric? I noticed you haven't blogged for awhile, I hope you haven't drowned your fabric sorrows with cheap wine!

    I have to share my word verification with you, it is so appropriate "forbeepo" as in "for beep oh!", which I'm sure is the sanitized version of what you said when you found out you weren't getting your AB fqs.

    Hope it's a case of all's well that ends well. :-)

  21. Oh that's so disappointing! As everyone else has said - I hope you didn't lose money to these dodgy folks, and I'll keep my fingers crossed so that a great deal on AB fabric comes your way!