Saturday, 18 April 2009


Is there anyone still out there?

Through no fault of my own (this time, ahem) the posh whizzy Vaio has been sick for a few weeks and is even currently in hospital at the computer shop. This is the first time in 17 years of knowing CK that he has been unable to fix a breakage on the computer so it must have some serious issues.

This has meant any computering has been done via Jane or Nancy (CK's little handheld Dell Axims) for nearly two weeks now. I have been able to read most blogs (But Pioneer Woman? Your site is soooooooooo huge.) and even comment on a few. Sadly I have been unable to actually blog as neither Jane nor Nancy is happy to share tales of Hilltop life with the wider world. However today CK rigged up the 'dead (I had a bath)' Dell laptop to speak with the Innernets again so HURRAH!! Here I am :-)

It has been a busy few weeks so if you can bear with me I have a picture or two to share over the next few posts.

Most recently - Easter.

For no discernable reason destructoBoy thought this rather yummy chocolate 'babbit' was apt for me ;-)

Easter Monday was rather lovely around here. We did some gardening.

Then before that was the bloggy picnic. Unfortunately I entrusted the camera to Pr. C-W and d/Boy so we only have two pictures of the event, both contain fuzzy images of elbows and knees.

However as I am so late in posting about it there will be pictures on other sites I feel sure. Except Moogsmum. Don't go there, she has doctored a picture to make me look quite odd!

What I can offer you is a photo of the picnic quilt I started to construct to take to sit on. I didn't finish it but on of my ex-children had a lovely time playing tea parties on it while it was laid out to figure out the finished design.

It is made up of the charm square assortment I was sent by Kylie. Theoretically it is a dark/light construction but...... towards the end of the initial sewing stage things got a bit lax. Ahem, moving swiftly on ........................

I was given a bunch of flowers by CK one night several many days ago now. He had been away in Madchester for a week having a love-in with all the other boffins in the company so the kids got magazines and bob and I got fleurs.

The reflection is in the door of the fireplace.

Way, way back many, many moons ago it was Mother's Day here in the UK. CK asked what I would like to eat. I replied anything I didn't have to make.
Princess Curly-Wurly was responsible for lunch.

Obviously it is a crown. Perhaps the ham is a cape and the pickles/gherkins sceptres? I am unclear as to the role of the Pringles but undoubtedly they are out to further their position at court. Notice how they are cuddling up to the injured pickle?

Then destructoBoy constructed dinner. And I do mean constructed.
The baked beans were a beard. I feel he may need to trim the hair in his ears though!!
The (decidely odd) hand of CK can be detected in both these meals

This is a birthday present from back in Feb to the ex-child of mine in the tea party picture.
This was were the first tranche of Kylie squares went. I had fun with this and while it will never win awards for any part of its construction she is thrilled with it. And when you are three it really is all about you, don't you know?

Pre-Easter (pre-Lent in fact) I bought this rather gorgeous tin thinking to make rather gorgeous Easter cakes, plus I don't happen to think having five different rabbit-shaped cake tins is excessive. Whatever anyone else may say!
d/Boy and I had a lovely morning at the very beginning of the holidays baking and one of the tins we used was this.
Oh disappointment :-(

They were jammed tight into all little crevices and while they did come out it was more like eaten jointed rabbit pieces rather than sweet bunny shapes.
We forced ourselves to consume the lot though ;-)

On the same day I bought my lubbard flamingo fabric I also found these.
Oh Elumps! I see this becoming the inside to a shopping bag. Just think, there would be no need to ever make a list because as we know - elumps never forget.

My mother bought some of this at Spotlight during TGTH and I kicked myself (metaphorically obviously) I didn't get any. Hurray when I found a bolt in fabric shop in the big town!

And dragonflys!!!!!
Loving the brightness. I may get brave and make this into a slipover type for Princess C-W.
We shall see.....


  1. Busy, busy, busy! Great fabric shopping, great mother's day meals, fab chocolate bunny, fab everything! Locket xxx

  2. I wish your children would come cook for me. They include more food groups than I normally do, and the presentation is beyond charming!

  3. Love the meals the kids prepared. Super Chefs in the making. Your dog is soooooo cute too and as for that fabric - ohhhhhh yummmmy. It certainly sounds you like have been incredibly busy.

  4. I thought you had disappeared off into some special karate kid type retreat (yes I have seen Moogs photo) where you were learning the ways of your master...

    But instead, just some broken innernets after all. Glad you back though, even if you are not the Karate kid.

  5. I'm so making destructoboy's classic meal next time we have bangers and mash!

    The pic with the wee dog and the pink bucket was hilarious!

    So glad to see you back in the wide world of web.

  6. nice to see you back.I thought the bloggery picnic had got the better of you and you were still recovering!!!

    aussie hugs

  7. Great to see you Trash!

    I see you have two budding chefs in your house, each with their own particular style.

    Your puppy looks so cute helping with the gardening. What mischief has she been up to? I'm surprised she wasn't enjoying the tea party with your ex-child. LOL

    I love that bunny tin - it would make gorgeous chocolates.

    Kelly :-)

  8. Welcome back - you have been busy! So much creative goodness going on. Hope your technology terrors have been sorted.
    Love the mash potato face. Very cool.

  9. Nice meals for you :) Love the puppy in a bucket pic too

  10. Good to see you back. Love those mother's day meals!

  11. so lovely to have you back in blogland! little izzie looks soooo cute. i love the flutterby fabric.


  12. Welcome back Trashy! Was getting worried that you had been abandoned at the Bloggery Picnic ;-)

  13. OOF! c-dub and d-boy *clearly* have bright futures ahead in the world of FOOD STYLING!!! absolutely glorious presentations there!

    sorry to hear of the decapitated & otherwise deformed bunny buns...but still...if they had been adorable and perfect you'd've felt such qualms whilst devouring them. not insurmountable, obviously... :)

    there are MANY fine fabricky projects in these parts as well missus! as always i bow jealously in recognition of your sewing prowess. especially in terms of FLAMINGO sewing prowess. hubba hubba!!!

    ps: i ♥adore♥ the new avatar, and agree wholeheartedly with d-boy! altho...i have to say... (& don't take this the wrong way, seeing as we are both happily married wimmins an' all) ...i suddenly have this overwhelming urge to nibble on your a completely platonic way, obviously... ♥♥♥

  14. I LOVE that easter bunny!!!

    I'm trying to deal with computer and internet issues here, too... it's a bit like having one less arm or leg or something, isn't it?

  15. Ok, I want some of what you're taking 'cause you are a mad woman! LOVE, love the food creations -- it's apparently genetic!

  16. I feel your pain! I just got my computer last week and was forced to only use Pat's for awhile. It wasn't the same and I totally felt like I was out of the loop in blogland. :)

  17. Wow - so much to catch up on! Great fabric! I especially love the dragonflies..that's really pretty.

  18. Hellooooooooooooooooo! I am so far behind on my blog reading lately, that it is beyond amusing. But I was over the moon to see you were back. Is the Vaio fixed yet? Hope so. Do you have a note from your mother? To verify the tale you have told as to the reason for your absence?

    Lots of loveliness in this post, and you know what? I DO hear it said in your voice now I have met you!


  19. I wondered where you were! Welcome back. About the cake tin, Lakeland do a cake release spray (I think) that's supposed to be very good. Your cakes come out all perfect. So Lakeland say!

    Loving all the fabric, but where is the sock knitting? And that photo of Isabel in the weed bucket is so gorgeous. Hurrah for a doggy blog and not a catty one.

  20. My you have been busy! Love the fabric and love the meals even more! A+ for creativity and presentation for sure!