Sunday, 26 April 2009

OMG! I really am turning into my mother.*

Friday afternoon's run to the post office took a slightly unexpected turn when an opportunity to instill civic pride and good manners into five hilltop teenagers saw me stride forth to their school and discuss the situation with a teacher.

Watch the news for stories of a mid-Victorian house under siege from surly Yr. 10 boys.

I'm just saying is all.

* this sort of act is just the kind of thing which punctuated my childhood. My mother stopping the car and demanding an account of the behaviour exhibited by a group of teenage boys. At least once this involved getting out of her car at the traffic lights, putting her head in through the window of a yob mobile and taking them to task. It is a wonder she lived to see her 'ahemtieth' birthday last December!


  1. You go girl! (Just watch your back) :-)

  2. They're more scared of you than you are of them!

    On another topic, please be assured the giveaway you won on my blog a million months ago is in the mail. Not only badly organised but badly excuted.


    PS Word Verification for today is Clott. What is it trying to tell me?

  3. Oh I've been doing it for years!!!! I once challenged a group of teenagers in the park for graffiting (sp?) the swings - but I was then too scared to walk back through the park on my way home and had to go the long way round!!!

    Lucy x

  4. Please give with the details. What did you see that was so bad that you needed to see a teacher. By the way I'm very impressed. I'm always too chicken to say anything to someone who does something wrong - not so my son who once commented in a very loud voice when we walked past a teenager swearing "He is really rude Mum, I bet his mum is cross with him".

  5. Good for you! I reported a really minor bit of vandalism to the police last week,and they put me through to the crime squad! I felt like a complete prat telling tales, but I couldn't help myself!

  6. Good for you, good for your Mum. They need to be told!!!!!!

  7. Good for you! I always say 'hello' to young people that I know - even vaguely - because I think it makes a difference as to how they behave and what they say if they know someone who 'knows' them (or more specifically their parents) is 'around'. My daughter finds this habit uber-embarrassing, but of course I try not to let that bother me ;-) x

  8. You go girl!!!!!.


    Dont we all turn into our parents. (how scarey is that)

  9. it's not just *YOU* darling! i've noticed for the past several years that *I* also have been slowly, but with increasing intensity, turning into your mother.

    ok, just kidding.

    actually, of course, i am turning into MY mother...which is ever so much worse. trust me. :) (TRUST ME!!!)