Friday, 24 April 2009

Ooops! more pictures.

This weekend we are off to the birthday party of one of my ex-children.

I got all inspired and made this cushion cover. I am quite pleased as

a) I made the pattern up as I went along
b) I made it from store cupboard staples (except for the cushion pad - there is no room in my lil' cupboard for that. Ask Maria ;-).

You may have heard Maria suggests I laughed because she invented a whole new way of knitting socks. It was more a guffaw of admiration really. But I feel her pain as over a period of several weeks I sent many texts to her, Locket and Lesley bemoaning my inability to count, the general confusion of sock patterns and the weird way I seemed unable to keep track of simple numbers. On more than one occasion the blurry sock and all its octopus needles went flying across the room, through the red fog I heard CK ask if I was really doing this for fun.

It was only last weekend it all began to make sense. You see, I was using the Regia sock pattern-in-a-pamphlet. What you may not know about this is the leaflet contains not just one but TWO sock patterns. Locket's comment when I told her? "Oh? Did I not tell you that?"

This sock is now finished and waiting patiently for its mate AND for me to find it again because I have put it somewhere reeeeeaaaallly safe.

I love that this is how Pr.C-W and destructoBoy spent their holidays :)

However..... are mine the only ones who, despite having been up by 7:00am every single day of the holidays, had to be dragged out of bed at 8:00am first day back at school????


  1. Your children are definetely not the only ones!I believe it's a quite common disease...BTW- the reading picture put a smile on my face- it's my opinion of a perfect holiday;-)
    Lovely sock and pillow!

  2. VERY pretty sock!

    Hope #2 goes smoothly :)

  3. awesome sockage there trash.

  4. I think that is a perculiar trait known to all children around the world - I know mine do exactly that!!

    Love the colours in your sock Trash and I bet they will be super warm... when finished.
    Hugs ~ Kerryanne

  5. At least your children *WENT* to school.
    boy*jelly thoughtfully got chicken-pox on the last day of the holidays so got an extra week at home!!!
    He's going back on Monday whether the school want him or not!
    Spots and scabs included!

  6. Yummy sock Trashy! What wool is it? And your cushion is fab - great when you can make something up from your head and your scraps!

    Locket xxx

  7. Yea!! It's finally a sock! It looks fab!

    Love the cushion too.. really pretty.

  8. It must be a human trait - having the ability to get up nice and early only on non-work days. Happens to me all the time. x

  9. That's a great sock - have you ever thought about using the 'magic loop' method instead of all the dpn's? I never liked the idea, but needs must and all my sock nedles were in use. So I was brave and oh it's so much easier! Go on, give it a go!

    My children were glued to their pillows on the first day back, even thought about sending them to school in their pjs!

  10. gorgeous sock and great post! You are so witty and fun! Your little pirate looks like he could do with a bit more shut eye!
    ~Emily xx

  11. Are those genuine Trash tootsies or did you hire Jane Brockett for the occasion?

    You knitted a sock. Respect is due. It has stripes. More crafty points. Marvellous x

  12. love the painted toes!!!! sock not bad either!!!!
    its not just your kids and it doesn't change when they get older - in fact it gets even harder to get them out, especially when they are bigger than you!!!


  13. That sock is looking fantastic. You must have taken the shot from a funny angle because it makes your foot look big, and of course I know they're not.

    I admire your talent for sockage, I really do. When I saw you there, twiddling eleventy billion needles all at once, and a delicious sock appearing from the other end ... well, I was impressed. Very impressed.

    I had to raise my voice in a most unladylike manner to get my kids up and out of bed last week. Today, No.1 stayed in bed until gone 11am ... and at lunchtime told me "I'm tired". :-O