Saturday, 23 May 2009

OooAaar! We'em be coontry volk urp 'ere on ze hill you'm know?*

Princess C-W and I had a girls' day out today, leaving the boys behind to do some sort of cowboy stuff down in the lower 40. At a loose end for the day my assistant helped out apparently.

We hopped in the car and headed cross country off to the reeeeeeeaaaaaaalllly BIG SMOKE. Pr. C-W wasn't entirely certain that she had ever visited anywhere quite so big before. Poor neglected child, kept up here on the hill away from the outside world.

We went with the intention of buying her some long sleeve t-shirts as Summer is nearly upon us and all the ones that fit last Winter don't fit now. Those with no experience of the UK may not understand that simply because the calendar says it is Summertime does not mean the weather agrees. The coats, hats and scarves may go away but jumpers, jeans and warm tops stay to hand. Sadly no one has ever informed buyers about this seasonal discrepancy as all any shop stocks from February onwards is vest tops, thin t-shirts and weirdly skimpy shorts.

Our trip out was ubersuccessful today with purchases made of long sleeve t-shirts, fabric, CK's Father's Day gift, books (yay BeastQuest!), fabric, plastic containers from Ikea, more books, chocolate (Hotel Chocolat), more fabric (oh John Lewis how I love you!) and some exceedingly cute 'Very Hungry Caterpillar' badges. Pr. C-W and I wore ours all day (butterfly and sun respectively) and the boys got to choose when we got home (lollipop and cake I think).

We saw two enormous cruise ships and traffic. Walked miles through shops and up and down stairs. Held hands and laughed. And decided cities smell different to the countryside. Most telling of all was Princess C-W's observation that West Quay made her think of an airport. Hundreds of people milling around weighed down by bags of stuff they are certain will be essential to their existences. Fast food, queues, funny smells and people in a hurry. Intriguing to see the world through the eyes of a child.

* English - Dorset translation 'We are country folk up here on the hill did you know?' *


  1. OMG!!! Is that a Scottie dog?

  2. Ahhh... we all need a change of scenery occasionally and yours seems to have been a day well spent.
    Hugs ~ Kerryanne

  3. Sounds like such a fun day, a real 'girl's day out' :o)!!
    Your title reminded me of an audio cassette we received from family in the UK back in the early 70s. My Great Uncle Fred (a farmer) said "How be you young yarbs away over thar in Orstraylyer??" :o).
    Joy :o)

  4. If you ever wonder which visitor is obsessively looking at photos of that cute puppers it is me! Got to get my regular fix of the little black dog.

  5. Hello!
    Thought I would drop by and say hello as I think I'm right in saying we are to be 'seaside swap partners' from contented's blog.
    enjoy your weekend ;0

  6. We enjoy going to Sydney but boy are we glad to get home to the mountains and to our own little black dog.

  7. Sounds like a frabjous day out for the girls (more like hard work for the boys though)! I agree with YAY Beastquest - Fred has just finished number 19 and is happily confident that his library will be stocked up on his birthday in a week or so - did you know there are 30 of them so far????

    Me xxx

    P.S Where-o-where did you find Hungry Caterpillar badges???? I want one!

  8. I understood the title completely - I'm not sure whether that should worry me or not?

    Glad you had a great girls' day out - it has to be done from time to time, doesn't it?


  9. It sounds like you had a fabulous girls day out but those sort of shopping centres fill me with terror! And I'm a city girl at heart. (despite that I could understand the title!)