Thursday, 7 May 2009

our weekend (the bits that I remember)

We had a big food festival here on the weekend. Loads of lovely local produce and some pleasant and sunny weather brought the hoards out in force (top left picture).

For lunch pudding destructoBoy and I each had a cone of the world's loveliest ice-cream EVER.(top right picture)

Princess Curly Wurly's class was responsible for the lunch section of the outdoor cafe. (bottom left corner) They had made onion tart, roast pepper tart and quiche lorraine and served them with the panache and elan known only to 10 & 11 year olds in positions of responsibility outdoors during good weather ;-) For a pound a slice we filled our tummies and the school's coffers. While dining al fresco we enjoyed the sunshine (for the most part), good company and fabulous views . (bottom right corner)


  1. Looks like fun! (Tee hee ... I'm first!)

  2. the food there was really good - i forgot to take my camera!!


  3. We have a school 'thingy' this weekend. I've just backed the obligatory cake. Just hope the weather is as good as yours looks.


  4. Contrary to the above comment, I have not BACKED a cake. How would one do that? In felt, perhaps? No, I have BAKED a cake. Doh! I think I need an early night. x

  5. Those 10 and 11 year olds must be excellent chefs. (Or they cooked under very close supervision...)

    Seems like a lovely day.

  6. that view!! I recognise that view!! think that I was within spitting distance of TrashyTowers...swoon...

  7. Sounds like a very sophisticated luncheon. You'd be lucky to get a curled up ham sandwich round here!

    I've just got back from helping on our school's Friday cake stall. I took homemade choc chip cookies, another mum took homemade butterfly cakes. That was the sum of the homemade - everyone else bought Co-op and Tesco's delectable offerings.

    Oddly enough, the homemade cakes went in the first two minutes :-)

  8. That looks like a fantastic weekend - I would like some icecream please!

    Lucy x

  9. Sounds delicious and very upmarket - glad the weather stayed sunny for you.