Tuesday, 5 May 2009

A collage of life in a week.

I have been footling around this week and stuff has happened. Most of it good. So I thought perhaps a little collage of loveliness might be in order.

reading left to right

1. this is the 6' square quilt top I have been putting together since before the grand Blogger Meet up in Oxford. The middle section is another tranche of the gorgeous squares sent to me by Kylie flanked on all sides by soft green drill with corners of 'Travels with my Aunt' by Woodrow Studio of London. I love it soooooooooo much!

While piecing the outer section CK asked me whether I had included my 'Shaker element' so I blame him for the horrible mistake I noticed when I lay it out to size the batting. Despite having spent many minutes ensuring the corners all went in the same direction I sewed one side down the wrong way!!!!!!!! So I tonight I have a date with a pair of thread scissors, a pin and quite some patience.

2. Princess C-W attended a birthday party this weekend for the Whiny Daughter of Mrs. Bit Tired. They are midst mahoosive house extension and Whiny Daughter's new room is going to be lilac. I was quite pleased with this cushion because I am not so good at the whole edging with zigzag.

3. This is the gorgeous, hand embroidered old linen tea towel sent to me as part of my fabulous prize from the very lovely Comfy & Cosy. I am extremely harsh on tea towels and frequently get through double figures in a day so there was no way this was going anywhere near my kitchen.
Currently it is sitting in the dining room waiting for something exciting to happen.

4. A button purchased on my birthday excursion to Millie Moon. Tis pretty, non?

5. What happens when you leave the seven year old in charge of washing up.

6. Another shot of the picnic quilt. Unfortunately the elf in charge of collage cut off the lower corner which shows the old man grey dog lying down mirroring the black dog.

7. A packet of old, brand new cot sheets I bought at a flea market a few weeks ago. These are magnificent. Two, bright white, crisp, 100% cotton sheets now in my possession. I am off hunting for more next time we go back there.

8. A smackerel sample of the fabric sent by Comfy&Cosy in my parcel of loveliness. (I think this deserves a post all of its own so y'all can appreciate the generosity of this parcel.)

9. A close up of the fabric used in the cushion. This metre and a half of high quality cotton came from a different jumbley in a squaddie town not far from here. This paisley is exactly like 1970s pyjamas and the more I look at it the more I love it.


  1. There's some serious loveliness in your life this week. I love that fancy-dancy dishwashing method -- too clever!!!

  2. lots of lovely things!!! i love the teacup - and your cushion is fab-u-lous!


  3. That looks like a lot of lovliness to me... very impressive quilt. I think all washing up should be done by seven year olds!

  4. Lots of fabulousness missus! And you should ask Missus Moogs about cup-stacking as it seems she knows ALL about this new Olympic sport! (I'd never heard of it before!)

    Locket xxx

  5. Gosh, what a lot of gorgeousness in your world and your collage. The quilt is going to be fabtastic, and I am loving your bargains. But that button? I am a bit in love with that button. x

  6. That paisley print is GORGE-JUS, have I mentioned that I quite like paisley? Love the tea towel, definitely not for kitchen use, unless you just hang it up there to look pretty. The quilt is very pretty, and the button is way cute! I'm off to check out Comfy & Cosy, what a great name and how generous a package they sent, love the fabric. Can you please send the washing up fairy over to my place? :-)

  7. Oh, I forgot the cushion, which I admired close up. How lucky Miss Whiney is, her very own paisley letter cushion - dreams are made of this! :-)

  8. Your blue paisely is gorgeous!! And you're right ... that delightful teacup teatowel should NEVER be used to wipe dishes!! It's just too lovely!!
    Joy :o)

  9. That was such a lovely way to share a lovely week..

  10. Great collage - an idea I might blatantly steal....

  11. Nice Stash Mrs T. #5 made me laugh. Little tinkers those 7 year olds ;)


  12. The quilt looks lovely as does the cushion. I can't imagine drying my dishes with that teatowel, it's beautiful.