Friday, 26 June 2009

Did I sound like it was not a good thing?

I didn't mean to.

I think I was still the operating in a whole world of surprise when I wrote that post.

I am greatly looking forward to seeing my mother.

She will be here for most of the Summer holidays.


She is bringing her husband with her.



  1. no - you sounded a little shocked. As you would be. Yay to seeing the mother, oh to having her in the house with you for a month (mothers in your house can be a little annoying after a while!)

    Hang on - does this mean she is coming to the festival of quilts?

  2. My eeeep was as in - 'eeeep, someone is coming to stay for a month, that means I need to actually clear out the spare room and not just keep stashing junk under the bed!'

    I'm sure you don't do that though.

  3. I love the power of a "hmmmmmmm . . . "

  4. no you just sounded in shock!!!

  5. I wasn't sure if you were pleased or not...

    I decided not to comment and to let others sort it out!

  6. I missed it all on account of being a bit mental - just a bit !
    However, I'm glad that your glad and the kids must be soooo excited !

  7. I don't think so. Maybe just shocked. We do that sometimes when a totally unexpected thing happens :-) We seem to be out of words. Then again, that "hhhhmmmmm" on the last part . . . LoL just kidding!

    I do hope you'll have a great time even with the rain and all.

  8. Ha haa - see, what I did was...I read THIS post first before I commented on THAT post!

    Some might call that either cheating or being a cr**py commenter. I just call it logic :)


  9. I like a good hhmmmmmm. It can say so much.
    Take me for example - I would feel quite a few mixed emotions if my mother was coming to stay for a month. There would initially be shock, wonder, a bit of fear.. oh and pleasure of course!!!

    I'm hearing you Trash.
    Hugs ~ Kerryanne

  10. perhaps ck's bro would like to come over and help out??! ♥♥♥

    (sorry...i am evil!)

    on the bright side, she is bringing HER OWN husband rather than someone else' it could be worse...on the other hand, the latter scenario might well win you an early evening timeslot on bbc2 as a sort of sexy/crafty/dog-based spin-off of emmerdale...but you know...with a lot sewing and drawing of donkees... :)

    (i'd SOOOOO watch that!!!!!!!)

    ps: there is a new dr who on tonight: the other doctor!!!!!!! can you hear the HOORAY-ing from there??!