Thursday, 11 June 2009

My word! What a week!

Bit of a rollercoaster ride at Trash Towers this week.

Birthday parties, single-parenting, CK on a date with an international glamour queen, even had to put out a few fires!

d/Boy and Pr.C-W both had their ballet exams last night. Both were thrilled to take their trophy and medal respectively in to school this morning. Each also received a certificate outlining good points of their dancing and areas that may be improved. My boy and my girl came home with Distinctions. :-) So after a scrappy dinner (fish&chips followed by scrambled eggs and toast three hours later) and late bed yesterday they were both a little edgy by bedtime tonight.

Having washed ceilings and cleared and sorted the plastics cupboard (believe me a HUGE job!) this week I treated myself to a little crafting time.

Getting changed after school Pr. C-W asked if we could finally applique her t-shirt. Guess what she wanted? Yep, my assistant! I had some denim shapes excess from the back of the picnic blanket sitting there so she drew a pattern and when it was done she stitched on the eye herself.

I like it :-) and the edges will just get shaggier with washing and wearing.

It has been an amazing week mailwise this week. I was the winner of Paper&String's monthly giveaway. How gorgeous are these?

My kids are beside themselves that Oucho has released a range of accessories ;-)

The doorstop is in situ with a heavy thing inside to stop it becoming 'the worst ever doorstop' and the bucket has discovered its purpose - it is now the home of my mobile phone. Oh hooray! I shall never misplace it again. (Apparently I am remiss in not letting the world know my mobile (cellphone) is sparkly and purple - now you can all see ;-)
I was the very lucky recipient of a gorgeous from Jo in Tas this week. Gorgeous silver tissue and ricrac. that would have been enough to put a smile on my face but then ....

... I opened it!
This is such a clever bag. Loads of room on the inside PLUS four (well really eight because they are all divided) external pockets. I used it today on a day out with WonderWoman.

Jo this is such a cute bag and I love it. Thank you so much.

As mentioned above CK had a hot date this week. The glamourous and rather lovely WMK took pity on my husband and after a whirlwind tour of all the hotspots in Washington (ie flicking through a guide book at Borders ;-) they went out to dinner. Unsurprisingly he was flashing his English accent at every woman crossing his path, he seems to think that impresses foreign girlies.

Given that he was flying across theAtlantic for a blogmeet I thought the least he could do was take over some goodies for me. I made this bag to put them in. I thought it was quite nice but CK insisted upon putting it in his case rather than carrying it - Woos!

I was quite chuffed with this as there was no pattern, I made it all up as I went along! Am hoping WMK liked it to. Thanks for looking after my boy.
As it is STILL Donkey's birthday week there have been giveaways with every post and Julie at LCR won the birthday cake and (honestly - d/Boy watched me do Random Integer Generator thingy) WMK won the surprise prize tonight!
Finally I got an amazing package in the post today but there will be more about that later in the month. Trust me - it is worth coming back for.


  1. Looks like you have had a very lucky week Trash. I love the bag Jo sent you.
    Congratulations to the kids on their great results at dancing.
    Hugs ~ Kerryanne

  2. Well eventhough it was a rollercoaster week, I can see you still enjoyed it :-)

    Cute bag by the way. Red is so much fun.


  3. That spotty bag is the best bag I've ever seen. And I've seen a lot of bags. I WANT IT!!!!!

  4. Where do I start?


    But I'll finish with..........

    Cool week!

  5. Crikey... quite some week!

  6. oh, I adore that little cactus fabric!