Thursday, 4 June 2009

Ode to the British Summertime

Oh British Summer, you are the girl with the curl.
When you are good , you are very, very good.

And when you are bad
You are like last year.


  1. You made me laugh with this!

    I hope you have a much better summer than last year. Otherwise you'll be emigrating back to Australia!

  2. Oh, how we laughed!!

    As long as it's not as bad as 2007 when I was very pregnant and it rained for three months and we all had to listen to the bloody umberella song!!

    Fingers crossed for a long sunny summer for us all!


  3. Summer? Do the poms even have that?

  4. and the year before, and the one before that......

  5. dont speak too soon - weather about to change on saturday!!!


  6. ...but when you are featured in missus trash's look prettttttttttty bloomin' awesome!

    (ps: if it gets too hot, one of ♥these♥ might cool you off...or perhaps not...)

    (pss: two q's re the above--#1 why *PURPLE*??! and #2 where exactly are his *HANDS*??!??!)

  7. Hahaha -- raining, is it? ;-(

  8. So summer is not cooperating? Would it be nice to just soak in the sun and see all those pretty blooms you have there.


  9. And like every other British summer right back to the "legend of '76".

    Still, the rain's good for the garden - as my delightful husband loves to tell me "It didn't get to be a green and pleasant land by being sunny all the time."

    Yes, I do throw cushions at him in response.

  10. I've always found that the best way to have a great English Summer is to spend the Winter in Australia (preferably a cold, miserable part like Melbourne) and then EVERYONE you speak to in the UK will be banging on about how it's 30 degrees in England and they're all wearing bikinis.