Sunday, 7 June 2009

'Cause I'm leaving on a jet plane...

(Have I just dated myself in a mahoosive way by knowing this song? I loved it as a child and it is one of the first I remember knowing all the words to.)

This morning at 7:30 CK finally left the house for a week's work adventures in sunny Washington. I say finally because he was first going on this trip back in February but it got postponed. Then it was going to be March but someone had incorrectly filed the paperwork. We were then on standyby during the Easter week and during halfterm flights had even been booked! But still he sat at home being Cinderella, waiting and waiting for his fairygodmother to align the stars and planets so that he may head off to D.C.

At the beginning of last week the call came through and so now he is en route to Heathrow.

He is only gone for six days but I am not happy. No, I am really not very happy. You see he is going to Washington. For six sleeps. He only has meetings Monday and Friday. He has free time.

You see the picture in the middle of the collage? That is The Little Blue Guy. He actually comes from Washington and now he is going home. CK is taking the wee fella back to release him in the wild. In fact CK will be handing TLBG over to an expert in this field. You see my blurry husband is going on a blogmeet with the rather lovely WMK . WITHOUT ME! Bah!!

He better find a reeeeeaaaaaaaally nice shop (or two ;-) to make up for it.


  1. Oooh! I can see why you might be rather put out! Let's hope he doesn't have too much fun without you!

    Lucy xxx

  2. cool is that??? He's going on a blogmeet? Kudos to CK. I hope you get something really yummy from WS -- we have one here in town and I LOVE it!!!

  3. I remember doing an "act" with a friend to this song in primary school.....seems a loooong time ago, thanks for the memories. If it's any consilation, I'm sure you'll get lots done while he's away!!!

  4. I still sing that song whenever I am catching a plane!

    He will be back again .. before you know it - with arms filled with presents I'm hoping!

  5. W&S?! WHY didn't you tell me? I'd have planned to meet him at White Flint Mall (I think that might be the closest store location to his hotel). If he's got a car I can direct him to their factory outlet store (GREAT prices for us - even better for you considering the weak dollar.)

  6. I love that song too!! Shame he couldn't hide you in his bags!!

  7. Sadly, I am of an age to know and remember that song. I love it too but it sure dates us.... giggle.
    Hugs ~ Kerryanne

  8. I tell you what, I'd have my nose out of joint too!

    (says she who is leaving on a jetplane to go to a CRAFT show on Wednesday and leaving Scott at home with the house guest!!)

  9. Whoa there CK - going all that way with time off to play and not taking Trashy with you AND having a bloggy meet up......hope WMK pulls up in a white van... is all I'm sayin' Mister Youdon'twanttobemettingcrazyinternetstalkertypesthey'reallwhiteslavetradersetcetc !!

    As long as you bring back one of them there burger making gadgets for me I'm sure I'll find it in my heart to forgive you ;-)

    As for you Trashy - hope you gave him a loooong list of 'I wants' to make up for leaving you stranded on the hill!