Wednesday, 29 July 2009

Day Three in the Big Brother House (or jetlag crossed with persistent rain - the result)

We have just completed Day Three and the British weather has turned on everything in its arsenal to make things super special. Or not.

We drove up to a small market town - home of the fabulous Millie Moon and Marmalade Yarns
and the further we drove from home the heavier the rain got. Once there it reached the point that both children strapped on lifejackets before exiting the car. However a restorative break in a really old-fashioned tearooms made Grandad a bit happier.

Jetlag is being handled quite well with both of them still being awake after 9:30 tonight. Fortunately muchos bob was delivered as the bags were unpacked on Monday. Yay for Cherry Ripes ;-)

Sylv and I were both doing a little showing off on Monday afternoon and the despised Noro hat was claimed for repatriation to Australia so my friend will have to live without. T.G. I never told her about it I s'pose.

Some very exciting news about Millie Moon but more on that tomorrow


  1. Cor - I Love Cherry Ripe, wish you could get them over here!

    April xx

  2. It seems that even though Cadbury has some products available in the US, all the good stuff never makes it here. I have never even heard of Cherry Ripes. My Papa used to bring me Cadbury Flakes which are my all time favorites and they are not sold here. Why is that?!!!?

  3. so if trash towers is the venue for BIG BROTHER XXXIV... (downunda edition!) ...does that mean we will be "voting off" one person each week?? ...hmmmmmmmmmm...i wonder who'll be first...??! ;)

    whatever the outcome, should the "castoff" manage to snag half a dozen of those cadbury cherry thingies, they might well find a welcome here in nj...just sayin'...

    (ps: word veri="BLOGI"!!!)
    (pss: i *swear* i am not makin' that up!!!) :)

  4. I'm quite partial to the old Cherry Ripes - glad the BB House is pumping along well.

  5. Mmmm, Lauren there is just no prizes for guessing who would be first out of the house.... it would be Trash surely - leave the others to it ;-)

    Cherry Ripes - fake cherries and dark choc...No No a thousand times no!!!!
    Only a Cadbury Flake for me... pure unadulterated cheap milk choc....yum!!!!

  6. Yum - Cherry Ripes ARE good. Hope the weather improves! My hubby has just flown out to the UK today for a week or so. (He's hoping the cricket improves too!)

  7. Never heard of Cherry Ripes. Well I love the Noro hat anyway - looks like it would be perfect for those dreaded sessions at the side of the football pitches in winter!

    (Are your children behaving as well as mine? Fancy a swap?)