Monday, 3 August 2009

I am trying to be gracious but it is hard dammit!

Before I debrief let me show the sending part of the seaside swap in which I took part.

Actually it is only part of what I sent but it is my favourite part. Look. Look. Look! I made this.

While there are four pictures it really is just one bag but Oh! What a bag! There is a largish central space with four outer pockets. The outer of the bag and the lining of the pockets are heavy linen, the bag inner is red gingham and the outer of the pockets - oh! again I am in love -this is a gorgeous Cath Kidston teatowel I bought when out Lesley Moog and Wonderwoman (not!). It was with delight that I cut into it because I just knew this was going to be a perfect thing when it was done. Go on have a good look at it. When the drawstrings are pulled the top cinches together making the pockets pouch out. Oh how I love this pattern.

I included some other stuff too - chocolate turtles, seaside photo, seaside scene notecards, some lovely beeswax candles and two more things that I can't remember just now. This swap has been a lot of fun.

OK just a small rant now because I feel so happy and blissed out after looking at that bag again.

People he is making me crazy! All that passive-aggressive/can't make a decision/stupid blurry R2D2 noises nonsense. I want to say 'if you would like to help - offer your assistance directly, grow a spine, make a statement'. I had to phone CK at work today to offload this morning all over a stupid set of garden clippers!

I shall martyr myself for the sake of my children as they are enjoying doing things with Grandad. My reward awaits me in heaven ;-)

We also have achieved Stages One, Two, Three and Four in The Great Cricket Bat refurb.

This shows Stages 2&3. Stage 2 is at the bottom. This was the mid-coat colour (also shows the basecoat) for the top section of the back of the bat. Stage 3 is the white, you can also see the top coat from Stage 2. By close of play today we were also done with Stages 4&5 as well. Roll on tomorrow!


  1. I did laugh at R2D2 noises - the mind boggles!!! :-)

    Love the bag and the bat - again with all the clever people in your house!! Very impressed!

  2. You crack me up! Love that adorable bag!

  3. I want that bag! Red gingham interior! J'adore! xo

  4. Knowing that you can make such a beautiful back should keep you calm and serene...

  5. Seeing as that bag has made you so happy I suggest you make me one too in an effort to retain your sanity!

    See, I'm all heart!

    Locket xxx

  6. the bag is lovely.
    As for the other thing, just think of the two outings we have to come - yippee!!!!


  7. Oh the bag. The seaside bag. The little boats. Could I sail away in the bag please? Like the jumblies in their sieve. Far and few...and all that.

  8. Hang in there - I do feel your pain - parents in law do it to me!!!

  9. Like childbirth, we are supposed to forget the pain - be strong

  10. Deep breath in; slowly exhale.
    In. Out. In...Out...
    HUGE shot of vodka!

    ps: love the bag!

  11. Did you say red gingham?!!! Mmmm is it the real cotton thing? If so where did you get it from. I can only get the poly/cotton stuff over here. Just crap, quite frankly!

    Your bag looks extremely complicated to me with all those fancy pockets and drawstrings. Love the fabrics and colour comb.

  12. ohhhhhhhhhh poor dear *YOU*!!!!!! (passive/aggressive is by far my least favorite emotional mindgame...i'll take aggressive/aggressive ANY DAY!!!) but seeing as how the best weapon in the house is in the process of being converted into a glorious work of sport-based art (GO, d-boy!!!) you shall have to cope. take two cherryripes, a daniel craig ice lolly & a large margarita...and bring them over to my place, ok? i'll put the kettle on... :) :) :)

    ps: said cath kidston seaside swap bag is CLEARLY a work of the foremost genious and artisanshippiness. orders will roll in almost continuously from now on, i predict!!!!!!!!! ♥♥♥

  13. Fabulous bag, LOVE it! Thanks for taking part in the swap.

  14. Whoopee! the bag is mine all mine. I cannot say how much I love it and all the bits you sent me in the swap. THANK YOU!! ;0 X