Friday, 10 July 2009

It all kicked off yesterday when The Ashes started!

At the toss England elected to bat.

So Australia broke out the spinners.

Both deep and wide cover were necessary but the fielders relished the challenge.

Despite hosting The Ashes for the first time the facilities were stunning.

Then it was in for tea.


  1. Do you feel conflicted about the cricket?

    Nah - of course you would be going for Australia!

  2. Australia's bowler looks very impressive - England doesn't stand a chance!

    Although I'm not sure that the smallest fielder isn't planning on eating the ball rather than retrieving it!

    Locket xxx

  3. That new oval is looking good! Hope the cricketers were rewarded with scones and strawberry jam :)


    p.s. not going to make any rash bets about the outcome of the Ashes as I feel it will not be of any benefit to my sock wool stash ;)

  4. well, I hoped you served a very good afternoon tea..........its day 3 and Hussey has just gone as I write this.

  5. cricket not my thing, but love your pics!!!


  6. Hmn. So who you barracking for then Mrs? There's already one Pom-follower in this household and I like to know the lie of the land!

  7. Laughed when I read this!

    That spinner has great form, watch out England!

    Or not.

    Seems we aren't doing that well are we....