Wednesday, 5 August 2009


For nearly over 20 years I have been responsible for myself. I have got my own jobs, I have travelled around the world by myself. I have moved to new cities and countries where I don't know anyone and started all over again.

In this time I have built my own social networks, friendships, life. Across the other side of the world from my family I have cared for myself when sick and shivering with fever. I have made my own dashes to ER when required.

I am a grown woman with more than sufficient intelligence and physical capabilities to survive.

So why did he insist upon staring over my shoulder and moving into help UNASKED when I was putting together a simple piece of machinery? Why did I even have a second of guilt (swiftly quashed let me say) after telling him that I did not need help and that I was perfectly capable of doing it by myself?

Perhaps I should take comfort that I kept the voice in my head from screaming out loud 'PISS OFF!' ????


  1. i think you should take comfort and GREAT BLOODY PRIDE that your head did not "accidentally" bash zinedine zidanishly into his whilst he was so imprudently looking over your shoulder!!! congratulations, missus trash, the world marvels at your restraint!!!!!!!!!!! ♥♥♥

    (at this rate those craigsicles--MMmmmMMMMmmmM--shall not last out the week...time for a second extra-large box i'm thinkin'!!!) :)

  2. is the cricket bat being painted so it becomes a more attractive weapon?

  3. Come.
    (bring the kids too!)

  4. Such restraint! Be proud of yourself and keep in mind that your children need you and you wouldn't like jail for murder. Men's DNA just naturally wants to be in charge and tell us "weaker" women how to do things. I'm the mechanical one at my house and hubs know not to interfere unless he is asked for help - like getting a tool or to "hold this". Of course, its taken 41 years to get to this point.

  5. i thought i could hear a scream!!!just keep thinking that each day that passes brings his departure nearer!


  6. Oh yikes. You have shown great poise and fortitude. You have behaved better than most of us. Quick, look at the bag again, quick.

  7. Oh dear ..... how much longer is he there for??? Hang in there!!
    Joy :o)

  8. You're doing great so far - keep it up! I always enjoy a good interior monologue when people are giving me the irrits - much less harmful than letting rip and you get to keep feeling virtuous. Keep smiling, Trashy, even if it is between clenched teeth!

  9. You;ve encapsulatd just how I feel sometimes - I feel your pain. Lucky you can vent here

  10. and you just know I would have screamed it....Your restraint is admirable!

  11. Whereas I just have one question..........(actually put to me by Miss Dotty Locket as she read your post over my shoulder)

    ..........You, responsible????????


    Locket xxxx

  12. My boyfriend and I are still in the phase where he wants to help and I gladly let him, because when I am single I HAVE to do everything myself and even though I still could...I like the boy wanting to do it for me. I have a feeling this phase won't last that long.
    I am impressed!!! I would have have screamed!

  13. Ha!! I thought you were writing about my f-i-l for a minute there!! Mine insists on standing in the middle of our (rather quiet) road and waving me off my very own driveway - 'cos like I don't reverse off the darned drive ALL BY MYBIGGIRLSELF every single day that he's not there AT ALL. One of these days I'm gonna mistake the brake for the accelerator .....mwah ha ha haaaa!!


    p.s. takes great fortitude to keep the PISS OFF safely inside your head - you deserve a medal!