Sunday, 9 August 2009

A visual record of why I am grinding my teeth. And some nice things too :-)

This week Princess C-W and Granma have been cutting the fabric we bought AGES ok for her to make a first quilt. The cutting was a bit boring so Granma finished it and then came the fun.

Sort of.

Let me start with the finished design (to date).

Pretty yes? It will measure 16"x36". One day. When it is all finished. Maybe more if I can talk her into a border ;-)

Wanna see why I am grinding my teeth?

My girl having a lovely time making pretty patterns.

Uhoh .... what is that I see sneaking into the background?

And bingo! Literally without a word this happened. He silently reached down and started putting them into place for her.

I had to grab my camera and document it b/c I knew y'all would commiserate.

Having debriefed now I can move on.

Is everyone aware this has been an Ashes Summer? It has not escaped the notice of all small boys in my house.

Who wins which match is largely irrelevant. The score is only of interest so he has something to strive for as he bowls at the wicket in the garden.

Note the crowd in Bay 13 roaring its approval?

In the last week his bowling technique improved enormously and tonight he even managed to spin a few of the balls he sent hurtling toward me.

All I can say is with a delivery like that The Ashes will be interesting whichever team he decides to play for.

As for the crowd at the MCG. Well she went and had a well-deserved rest.


  1. Aaaaaaaah! He's a passive aggressive, interfering old %$#^@$&*
    I swear you are doing very well to have managed this long without 'doing him in'!
    Well done you!!!

    Love Destructo Boy and the bowling. Can't wait to see if he'll play for England or Australia? ;-)

  2. How cute is that little sports fiend? And too funny about the extra help. Embrace it I say!

  3. Uh, oh, i wonder what your princess' reaction when she finally noticed. It can be a little disturbing when you're in the midst of something and in beautiful pace when suddenly something or somebody jumps in. But maybe he though it was fun too and wanted to help? Oh I don't know. :-)


  4. Hang in there trasha - and reward yourself with something bubbly when it is all over.

    I think that solo supporter of world famous cricketer to be is just gorgeous!

  5. Ahhh... caught in the act. Perhaps he thinks he's helping??? Love the little cricket man. Great action shots.

  6. love this post!
    but i do feel for you and your teeth. hope you've got a good dentist!

  7. Caught in the act!

    (breath in,
    breath out,
    do a shot of vodka!)

  8. are talking about your father or father in law???...hahahaha. I thought you were talking about your husband. Where is my brain?!
    According to my friend at the USPS, you should be checking your mailbox in 5 days. Let me know if things arrive unscathed. ENJOY!

  9. I think I would have killed him by now!!!!!!!!!!

    Good bowling action though!

    April xx

  10. i think the crowd is worn out - all that cheeering. Bowling looks damn good to me! He's a natural.
    Quilt will be beautiful.


  11. I have to confess that I would potentially find it quite hard not to "help" in a similar situation....... sorry! But I can understand how frustrated you must be!

    Great bowling!

    Lucy x

  12. That quilt looks very cute.

    BTW, I don't have any tips on photoshop for you. I'm a total newbie.

  13. The thing about the helping Lucy is that if he had asked Princess C-W, sat down beside and discussed, it all would have been quite loverly, but to sneakily move things - literally behind her back - is a bit over the odds .... or is that just me?

  14. Stay focused Trash... unclench teeth... RELAX. Perhaps you can join the crowd at Bay 13 - always a fun group (and pretty cute too).
    Hugs ~ Kerryanne

  15. I think you should listen to your doggy and be more like her - she seems to have life pretty sussed if that last pic is anything to go by!

  16. Love the shots of PCW laying out her quilt - maybe he just has a crafty urge.

    Looks as though the lad has a passion and some serious technique!

  17. ohhhh dear much longer are they there? does your mum see what is happening? is he like it with her? the quilt what a great pattern so simple but stunning hope your teeth recover