Tuesday, 11 August 2009

uhoh! Somebody sure is going to get in trouble for this.

Last night just before 8:30 the front door burst open and a whirlwind spun through the house. This was no ordinary storm. It was swift, violent and muddy.

Ripping through the hall it swept into the living room. It was one of those 'smart storms', it was extremely careful to go AROUND the furniture.

'Well, we saw it come through but we can't be sure what it was.'

'What? Mud? Nope. I know nuzsin.'

Much to 'someone's' obvious disgust the above pictures resulted in 'someone' being bathed at 9'o'clock.


  1. oh! I would have had a fit. You're very calm for all of that mud.

  2. Hahahaha! SOMEone would have had a lot more than a bath at my house LOL!

  3. Whoopsie!!
    Guess you have to expect a little bit of mud with such whirlwind behaviour. With a face like that I couldn't be mad.
    Hugs ~ Kerryanne

  4. Mucky mucky hound! Witholding dog nosh just doesn't seem to work though does it. It goes like this 'had mucky fun, ran in house to tell everyone, whaaat? Bath? AND no dinner?' Why? Why?'

  5. He! He! Sorry ... I'm glad it's just not my carpet that looks like that sometimes. Mine generally has the added ingredient of scrunched up leaves (Archie's fetish).
    Once the carpet gets crunchy I'll hoover xx

  6. Love the photo of the well behaved boy dogs looking on in disgust!

    Locket xxx

  7. Oh no! There are some very guilty looking faces amongst those!

  8. oh my !!!! but she looks soo cute and maybe a little bit sorry!!


  9. I know the point of this is probably to make us not want one of her...but man, she is cute! My Papa had a black terrier just like her and I had to look back at all your pictures of her when you first got her. It's hard to resist getting one.

  10. uh-uh. But look at hose faces! So you mad or feeling sorry? Both? :-)