Friday, 18 September 2009

Aloha Ladies and Gentlemen ...... all the way from Hawaii we present ...

... well actually not ElvisDonkey yet because as we all know any good concert will offer at least one performer before the main event. Here today we offer not just one, not even two but THREE support acts.

First of all we have BikerDonkey and NurseDonkey.
These were not deliberately placed together to bring back memories for Missus Moog, honest. And for all non-UK dwellers and any who are aged under 10 let me state that Yes, UK nurses really did used to dress like that in the last millenium!
Then following on from that we have that fabulous combination of ZZTop and The Harlem Globetrotters. Not many people in London know this (nod to Michael Caine) but the only member of ZZTop not to sport a HUGE beard or any kind of beard is in fact called Frank Beard!
And as our final support acts takes the stage let me ask you to put your hands together for those two stalwarts of Sunday teatime telly
(I think I love PhilDonkey.)
Finally now ladies and gentlemen would you put your hands together and give a fabulous Hawaii welcome to the one, the only


  1. LOL ... What a crack-up!!!!
    Oh I love your donkey-people ;o).
    Joy :o)

  2. Uh huh uh huh ( said in best Elvis voice)!

    Oh Trashy - they are all fab!!! I just love ZZZZZZtop donkeys and your little Frank Beard factoid made me chuckle.

    Loving the Time Team boys too.....although I couldn't quite get the links to work!

    As for biker donkey - he looks strangely familiar ;)


  3. I luuuurrrrvvvve Elvis Donkey!!!

  4. Elvis donkey is my favourite!

  5. Elvis Donkey is pure brilliance. He looks more like Elvis than that other guy called Elvis.

  6. You really are nuts ...and that's why we love you! Thanks for an early morning laugh. They're fantastic.

  7. Brilliant, every one!

    Oh, and now that you've revealed your casual relationship, could you introduce us to Michael Caine, please? Thanks ;)

  8. Brilliant! Especially Time Team!!!

    Locket x

  9. You are too funny!!
    Elvis Donkey - I think I love you.
    Hugs ~ Kerryanne

  10. Yep I can vouch the fact that UK REALLY did dress like that- even in the late 90's! London Bridge pink and grey uniforms complete with capes and hats still make me cringe and laugh at the same time....oh I hope they have moved on since I was there!

  11. love them! esp. the zz top donkeys!!

  12. ok elvis donkey is indeed astonishing & fab...but it's the zz top donkeys who have won my heart!!!!!! ♥ monstas are NOTHIN' in comparison. i am awed and humbled!

    (ps: why did uk nurses wear motorcycle helmets??! sorry... kidding...just couldn't resist...) ;)