Friday, 18 September 2009

Elvis hasn't left the building!

However my camera battery is DEAD and so while it does the whole Lazarus thing (can you believe there is a child in this hilltop town who is actually called Lazarus!) let me just say that not only do we have an ElvisDonkey circa 1974 but also a ZZTopDonkeys, D'artagnanDonkey and two UK TV archeologyDonkeys. These last ones done at my daughter's request.

Is it wrong to be in love with a 2D donkey?


  1. Just read the last couple of posts I like your thought process' :) ps my word verification for this is ....colan.....NICE !!

  2. oh oh oh could you do a Marleydonkey pleeeeaaaaazzzzzze luv ya always :) ...god the word verri thing for this is uncudyno...wonder if thats a colan disease??????

  3. hehehe...There were brothers at my primary school called Jesus and Elvis