Thursday, 3 September 2009

сравнительное изучение русских кукол EDITED

The title above translates as

'A comparative study of Russian dolls.'

Last May last year Katy arranged a Russian Doll Swap and I excitedly signed up because

a) who doesn't love post?


b) I had a triffic plan as to what to make.
I was quite chuffed as it is a pattern I had made up all by myself . The writing says 'Happy Days'. (This actually shows Locket's Trash Raffle tray which she better actually be using or else but the pattern is the same. The photies of the little box I painted are on the water-loogged Dell computer.)

In return I received a bag.

A bag with a Russian Doll on the front.

Or perhaps the Russian Doll was meant to be the back of the bag? I don't know.

Let me show you a better representation of the colours.

Excuse the camera shake, the heebie jeebies may have kicked in after taking a couple of photies.

Over the last sixteen or so months I have used this bag - or as it became known almost immediately in our house (and beyond) Scarey Mary - a lot. It has been to the supermarket, the fabric shop and travelled to Australia to be perused by several quilting mommas. It regularly goes to school, the library and last December it even went to the Country Living Fair in London (although Locket suggested it wouldn't be allowed through the door - she was right).

I have never been embarrassed to carry Scarey Mary. I do so with an ironic, post-modern air, confident that all seeing it will recognise my post-modern irony. And then I remember where I live. Both post-modernism and irony are frowned on in this little hilltop town. So I added something special to the back. Or possibly it is the front.
Yes, yes. A Russian Doll Donkey. I even sacrificed a couple of square inches from some Fortnum's quilt fabric to make his headscarf and apron. (Donkeys are ALWAYS hims no matter how they are dressed.) So as before I freely carry the Scarey Mary bag I just make sure the Donkey side is out ;-)

Thinking sufficient time had passed I felt free to confess to Katy that her delightful swap had resulted in Scarey Mary arriving in my life. I didn't even mutter out loud about Locket getting silver jewellery in the swap (I had finally got this out of my system over the last few months ;-). Scarey Mary was meant to come with me to the Festival of Quilts so Katy could enjoy the delights with which I live but accidentally I left it languishing at home. Perhaps my subconscious was active that morning? So that evening I sent Katy the pics you see in this post.

Just yesterday I found an unexpected parcel in my letterbox. It was a surprise present from Missus Ginger Monkey to keep Scarey Mary company.
I think all of those delightful Russian Dolls you see may in fact be spies and gaolers!

Most of the above was written late last night and on reading it back I can identify the main problem - there is no real comparison. Let's address that right now.....

1. Scarey Mary is a purchased bag. The delightful new bag is handmade and pretty. I have no problem with the pre-made bag thing. Some of my best friends are pre-made bags. Just not convinced if pre-made is the way to go when you possess the skill to make an Amy Butler Weekender Bag -I'm just sayin' is all.
2. Scarey Mary is a multi-hued Russian Doll figure on a plain background. The delightful new bag is loads of multi-hued Russian Dolls surrounded by gorgeous fabrics of pretty patterns and colours.
3. The delightful new bag was made with care and attention to detail. Scarey Mary was cut out and sewn on by blind Abyssinian monkeys during an earthquake.
4. On one side Scarey Mary's head is triangular while, having examined them closely, ALL of the Russian Dolls on the delightful new bag have uniform and consistently shaped heads.
5. The colours used in the delightful new bag all sit well together, they tone, blend or contrast. This term pictures of Scarey Mary are being used by art colleges throughout the country as an example of how not to associate colours on the same 'canvas'.

I have just read these out to Pr.C-W and d/Boy. Once the laughter subsided (gotta love a well-trained audience) Pr.C-W said she hoped that the creator of Scarey Mary wasn't going to read this. I said that perhaps she would but it has been 15+ months and maybe she could see that we have provided Scarey Mary with refuge and shelter because heaven knows there is no way she would have survived in the wild! I'm just sayin' is all ;-)



    ps: get any other super special post as of late?

  2. Trash, you make me laugh. Don't mince those words will you?

  3. oh, what a lovely collection of bags you have.
    I'm saying nothing. Nothing at all....

  4. Oooooh you are naughty! But very, very funny!

    Locket xxx

  5. Well done for standing up to a poorly received swap! I have now officially given up on all swaps unless I know exactly what I'm getting!

  6. i think your comments are perfectly justified!!! I love the new bag - not jealous at all, not even a little bit!


  7. pressure for the rainbow swap then! If I do present you with a scary mary alternative then I will completely understand if you want to drive up to Tynemouth to suffocate me with it :-)

  8. Oh Lordy, I am half praying I'm not sending to you in the rainbow swap - I'm not sure I could handle the pressure in my current delicate mental state!

    You're a cheeky one, that's for sure ;-)

  9. In the defence of Scarey Mary - she got in and had a red hot go - gotta respect that!! You had me in stitches, and I LOVE the donkey - love it! Maybe a whole new range is in order?! That new bag is gorgeous - the fabric is great! Note to self - no more swaps until I have perfected the art of sewing....!

  10. So what's the name of the new bag?????

  11. MMmmfmmhhehaAAggggfaRrRhhg!

    (that is the sound which results when muffled shouts of laughter are combined with a mouthful of delicious hot oatmeal! i essplain this, so you & the childer will be able to recognize it again in the wild!)

    missus trash, you DO make me happy!!! ♥

  12. Oh Trash - I do love you! If I was only half as brave as you, I'd be 100% braver than I am right now!
    As it is, I'm sitting here cringing like a big fat coward....and I haven't even done anything!


  13. You're hysterical. Bold...but hysterical! I LOVE that new bag, not to mention the russian donkey!

  14. I'm so glad I met Scarey Mary at the FQR. She's even better in real life than on the pictures :-)