Saturday, 29 August 2009

Ta Dah! The Fortnum's quilt emerges.

Having spent half my time at the Festival of Quilts last weekend looking for half hexagon template I listened when the nice salesman said that the whole hexie would do the job. Vaguely convinced I bought it and went off to laugh at giant rabbit quilts with bees stuck on.

Monday night I got brave and pulled the template out of the bag. It came with detailed instructions on how to use it and make 11 shapes! This gave me a pain in behind my left eye so I put it back in the bag.

Missus Moog came up for a visit on Wednesday and I may have spent a few minutes showing her the fabrics for my Fortnum and Mason quilt. This inspired me sufficiently that the template came back out that evening and I started to cut out 5.5" half hexagons. By the end of the evening I had about 30 so I went to bed.

The next day I had a small nervous meltdown when it became clear that all of the 5" blocks cut prior to purchase of the template would NOT yield a half hexie no matter which the template was twisted.

I spoke with my in-house geek/tech support that evening and he had a lovely time with several pieces of paper, algebraic equations and a particularly unusual mis-step in thinking six foot equalled 120" (!) Having rectified this mathematical illogicality he went on to tell me I needed 208 5" half-hexies and 368 2" half-hexies. Yes you see how my meltdown was resolved? An inner block of 5" hexies surrounded by two rows of 2.5" hexies. Yay!

Cut most of the large ones out today.

Wanna see what they look like?

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  1. I got lost in the math- but the hexes looks great!

  2. Heh. Maths.

    That's the one bad thing about quilting. Too much maths.

  3. You lost me early in the post so i just looked at the piccies.....and that is why i shall never be a quilter.

  4. Good luck , that's all I can say... I can't imagine having to stitch all those together!

  5. machine stitched, yes? In rows? I should join you - I have a LOT cut out already waiting to stitched together.

    As for maths - I have no idea what maths is, nor what purpose it serves. I'll stick with Jodie and look at the pictures. Ah, lovely.

  6. I have to agree with Katy about maths - sounds like my sentiments exactly!

    Great quiltage though!

    Locket x

  7. That explanation made my hair hurt. Which is why I don't 'do' quilting. I do however admire your industry, your hexes and your man for working it all out for you. x

  8. thats one helluva lot of sewing!!!!


  9. I love having tech support in my house too. If I can get over his usual initial objections as to why I am doing such and such in the first place, he can be a great mathematical help. Love your hexies!!

  10. i liked reading your process. i love love hexagons. you quilt reminds me that it is time to do another......nice blog. just found you....

  11. While clearing out my mess of a craft cupboard the other day, I came across a half hexagon template. Decided I would never need it so threw it away. Ooops, sorry!

    Loving the look of the quilt - it's all way beyond me. Why have you cut out so many half hexagons and then just stuck them all together? Why not just cut out whole ones?

  12. Oooh, that sounds just all too mathematical to me! It looks like it's going to be beautiful though!

  13. Oh blimey Trashy - it's no wonder you decided to keep him if he's that useful! Every woman should have a quilting assistant on hand at times of mathematical stress....maybe you could rent him out?

    Fortnums is looking gorgeous and I have to say, I really enjoyed looking at your fabrics! That's my idea of a day well spent :)


  14. Hope he's around when it time to fit it all together! Looks good - why Fortnum and Mason????

  15. i was trying to think what to write to sum up both my incandescent admiration for your skill...AND...and the internal brain hemorrhaging which resulted from the calculations you essplained.

    ...and then i read jodie's post...

    i feel i should send that woman a muffin or something! but for now i shall suffice with a heartfelt, "well said, jodie! i thank you!"

    (lovely quilt missus t!!!!!)

  16. i agree with sewjourn ... math whiz better be around when the needle hits fabric :) not a quilter here but have wondered about the math and precision of it all, and been scared! i love your little hexagons in the photo and nice variety of vintage fabrics looks like to me. just found your blog via u-handbag and this was fun to read and look forward to reading more... best wishes ~ jeannine/cottonjens