Sunday, 18 October 2009

Blogtoberfest Day 18 ANOTHER child-related post

Last week destructoBoy came home bearing a letter requesting his presence at a Yr. 3 football friendly this weekend. This took place at a nearby village school. The Year 3 match ran concurrently with a Yr.5/6 so our troops all 'warmed up' together.
They 'warmed up' for the best part of half an hour.
Consequently by the time kick-off came around they were knackered.
Of course this did not stop destructoBoy from dashing up and down the pitch at full-pelt throughout the first half.
He had a fabulous time playing a 'proper' match.
He was so thrilled at getting to wear the school strip he really didn't care that
  • he scored no goals
  • he didn't get to be in goal
  • 'The Abu Dabai Software Team' Yr. 3 team was trounced with a final score of 13-2.
It was only as he was sitting down so I could unpick the triplequadruple knot on his muddy boots that he mentioned Mr.C. had asked him to be captain of the team. I was a little proud.


  1. Congratulations, DestructoBoy!

  2. 13-2 ... who cares??? Wearing the strip and playing the game is ALL that matters.... clearly! ;-)

    Well done DB

  3. Yay trashy none of your piccies are showing at the minute - just wee red crosses.

  4. Captain? Blimey that's fantastic! What a lad.

  5. Captain - eeek, that is sooo brilliant - yay destructo boy!!!!

    wish i could see pics!!

  6. Captain! Good grief - I feel proud too - it is like having a tiny partshare in d/boy and P C-W. Don't mind me - I am planning ahead to when I will be able to say that I knew d/boy before he was recognised as the best kisser in the Empire.