Wednesday, 7 October 2009

The first rule of Knitting Club.

We do not talk about Knitting Club.

Eight Yr. Twos and Threes.
Three grown-ups.

Three weeks of intense concentration.

And every girl

has knitting

completely under control.

(oops! I have never been very good at following rules ;-)
**Please note this Blogtoberfest Day Eight post is brought to you early courtesy of my delightful trip out tomorrow with my friend Maria to Ally Pally so we can fondle all the glorious yarn at The Knitting and Stitches Show.**


  1. hello!
    i'm participating in Blogtoberfest and stopped for a visit.

    OMG & LOL!! love, love LOVE your dictionary! it was great to see 'feck' and 'eejit' as i am familiar with these terms here in the USA.

    also love the Fight Club reference; this is the 2nd blog i've visited thus far to have a Fight Club reference and i LOVE that movie =-)

    sorry to see what happened with the favorite dish =-(

  2. Yay for Knitting Club! There isn'tg one at our school. Maybe I should volunteer. Hmmmm.

  3. Knitting club is a brilliant idea. Have a fab day out at Ally Pally.

  4. I thought what happened at Knitting Club was supposed to stay at Knitting Club. Ah never mind ... the pictures are great.

  5. Can I come to knitting club? I am a total loser when knitting is involved. Those girls are doing so much better then I ever have!

  6. Oh wow - great idea. Those girls will all be thanking you in years to come. Have a great day at Ally Pally. x

  7. how cool is this idea?!?!? very NEARLY as cool as the great pics you've taken...which give said girls their privacy and yet show the lovely knitting and the concentration on those sweet faces!

    (PS: has ed norton and/or brad pitt signed for the film yet??! just wonderin'...) ;)