Sunday, 11 October 2009

Whoops! Missed Days 9 & 10.

My absence has been caused by some little intese crafting up here on the Hill. Friday was spent finshing Will's quilt before yesterday's Christening. And then yesterday was spent at the Christening. As always our local Vicar was in fine form and the service was a hoot with young Will attempting to set free all of the water destined for the font. He obviously knew that when it came time for the blessing Anne would hold nothing back - poor wee lad was just a little soaked!

Other than the attempted drowning of a small boy by a passing Vicar the day was fabulous. An island of sun and clear skies in the middle of gloomy and sodden skies. After the service there was much cake and tea with small children climbing very tall trees and playing chase.

Last night as I snuggled in front of the fire with my knitting my friend rang to express her delight and gratitude for Will's quilt. It really is very satisfying to gift handiwork to someone you know will appreciate it.

And speaking of appreciation look what my luvverly secret pal sent me last week.
Another tin of surprise and delight. Obviously my assistant's memory is in full working order. As soon as the lid was off she was sniffing to see if there were goodies for her.
But no! Hahahahahaha .. they were all for me. These softy soft balls of wool came all the way from Paris. Are they not the most delicate and delicious colours? Secret Pal suggests they are pink and 'greige' and the French names are 'brume' and 'orchidee'. I can go with orchid for the pink but the other colour is the palest taupe. And my so-clever pal included sweets in the same colourway!
Yay for Percy Pig!


  1. Oooo! Lovely soft colors...

    ps: I loves me some Percy Piggies! Yumo!

  2. Oh what nice gifts! But where's the photo of the christening quilt? Come on woman! Locket xxx

  3. so glad the christening went well - a good soaking must mean he's doubly blessed!!! Knew they would love the little quilt! what a fantastic gift - all that gorgeousness!!!

    nb -left my knitting in your car, can i pick it up somewhen this week?


  4. I spy Percy Pigs! Have you tried Percy Piglets? Amazing!!!

  5. oof! vive le tricolor! vive les cochons! vive le madame trash!!!

    (ok...all outta french unless we're ordering dinner...looOOOoOooovely yarn missus...whatcha gonna make?!)