Sunday, 4 October 2009

How we keep Smiley Carol smiley :-)

Smiley Carol is our post lady. For some reason my large black dog reeeeaaaaaaalllly doesn't like her. Fortunately he was sound asleep after breakfast the day Smiley Carol dropped off TWO packages!
The first was all the way East Coast USA from the very humorous WMK.
Humorous because while Sylv was here I may have mentioned her husband's propensity for making squawks, chirps and similar R2D2 noises. I presumed the Lego Leia a la Jabba the Hutt era is for me to emulate and be strong and brave.

During her holiday in August Missus Stashbasket undertook some displacement activity in the flight, as a result of that and some handy sock knitting while in Portugal, Cintia came into my life.
She brought with her a selection of felty, coloured balls.
And some of Missus Stash's kitcheny goodness.
The jam was divine and enjoyed by all of us while just CK and I are sharing the chutney. Pah! Those childer don't know what they are missing out on (but jolly glad they chose not as it means more for my sandwiches ;-)
My assistant was particularly crafty in her attempts to catch Cintia and sample the final delight she brought with her.


  1. I was all set to make 'oooh yummy chocklit' or 'ooh lovely bunny' noises but then your assistant stole the day!

    Fab picture of her helping :)

    Is that where you store her?


  2. I wish I could teach my dog to put herself away like that. How'd you do it?

    Lovely treats! That little bunny's brother (or cousin?) lives atop a bottle of Portuguese (just a coincidence) vinho in my kitchen, and his happy little mug makes me smile every day!

  3. What a delightful lot of presents!! The bunny is very cute but cuter still are the pups!! We like the postman here as when he brings parcels he delivers pats through the front window.
    The Lego Leia with her bikini top is most amusing!!

  4. Great treats Trash. What's with pooches and the posties. My dog threatens to take the legs off our postie should he venture all the way to the front door??
    Hugs ~ Kerryanne

  5. what some lovely goodies - i just love chutney - something i have never attempted to make, yet! I think your assistant looks soo cute and i'm sure she really deserves some chocs!

  6. So lucky - you got some fantastic things! I love the labels on the chutney.

  7. How good is the Princess Leia Lego figure! Fabulous...aaaah chocolate!

  8. so today you are LITERALLY a *jammy* so-n-so...not to mention felty...and legoey...and bunny-y... :)

  9. Ooooh! Pressies! I will be blogging the lovely gifts I received from you soon - once I've got over the trauma of accidentally throwing away my present from MissusMoog!