Thursday, 29 October 2009

Sometimes you realise how small the world actually is

I have just read this post over at one of my favourite places in the world - the Women's Colony. It made me think of neighbours, helping hands, government interference, blurry OfStEd and the (pleasant) smell of small people. But most of all it made me think of holding a small fussing person and jiggling my way towards a window and soothingly suggesting the child look for the birds.

It made me think of watching my mother doing this with my nieces and how many times she must have done just that over the years with myself and all those older siblings. It joined me to the parents and carers who have spent many thousands of hours pointing out the (usually non-existent) birds in an effort to calm a screaming baby back down through the generations.


  1. It was a lovely post about a moment of kindness and community. I always took a sad baby outside, if there were no birds to see, there was usually a leaf blowing.

  2. Cats, birds, dogs, caterpillars - anything to distract a crying baby!

    And it was a very good reminder of small acts of kindnesses making a difference.

  3. I do the jiggly dance at work on a regular basis (I work in a playgroup for 2-3 year olds) It breaks my heart to see kids upset and it's a real comfort and honour when you can settle them and reassure them.

    Great post.