Wednesday, 28 October 2009

20 cents worth of mixed lollies please.

Sucked in - sorry. There aren't really any lollies (sweets/candy/bonbons) and I have a sneaking suspiscion that 20cents would buy very little any more but that kind of question was a cornerstone of my childhood. Aaaah Delaylands, you were a milk bar (off-licence, cornershop) extraordinaire. This post is a kind of mixed bag too.

Last Tuesday I said goodbye (finally) to my lubbard Audi. I wouldn't wish to swap Maria Juanita Conchita Gonzalez you understand but the Audi was special (even when it kept breaking down). However the nice man came and took it away and gave me a little smackerel of something to ease the sting of loss.

Last week we also said goodbye to our beloved Vicar Anne at school. Anne makes me wish I could do the whole religious faith thing. There was an afterschool tea party which of course meant cakes. Caked Crusader had recently posted a recipe for Rolo cake which seemed ideal. Mine was perfect as it cooked, the top all domed and slightly crisped and the tester clear when I drew it out from the middle. I don't know why it came out clean because within five minutes of being out of the oven this happened.

I couldn't take that to the cake table.
So I had to have a piece for lunch ;-)

As a parting gift from the school Anne was presented with a beautiful pedestal platter/cake plate/mahoosive communion wafer holder created by a local potter. While I feel sure she was genuinely pleased with it I love how instinctively she overreacts for the children.

Oh Vicar Anne we will, we will miss you (the school sang her a farewell to the tune of her favouritest song ever. )
Admittedly a little late here on the blog are the pictures for The Women's Colony Colour Challenge for this week.
Blue. Not much blue in my part of the world this time of year so I trawled back through my picture files to find just the colour blues I knew I wanted to post.
Melbourne Aquarium, Victoria, Australia. January 09.
Winchester, Hants, UK. July 2009
Coastal Victoria, Australia. January 2009
Melbourne Aquarium, Victoria, Australia. January 09.

And as the last red frog gets slipped into the paperbag before money changes hands (back on the lolly thing) let me tell you all about the FABULOUS giveaway being held by my very lovely friend Brenda over at Pumpkin Patch Primitives.

You see, not only does Brenda make fabulous quilts out of snuggly flannnel(ette) and crisp cottons, she also sells the beautiful fabrics and gorgeous notions to go calm your inner crafter with. As well as being handy with the stitching Brenda paints my kind of painting too, loving the folk art. And to top it all off she also homeschools my new boyfriend (sorry Barak it just wasn't working out. I need more attention) - I'm just offering that as an option G.P., you know - in case the candy bribe doesn't work ;-)

On offer to celebrate Halloween and all things pumpkiny Brenda is offering a Fat Quarter Bundle of Red Rooster's Pumpkins & Spice Fabrics by Whimsicals. Just so y'all know that is 27 FQs!! A girl could get a lot of fabulous quiltage out of all that fabric. But best you go pay her a visit quickly as entries are only being accepted until midnight on Saturday, October 31.


  1. that cake may have sunk just a little but it tasted blooming scrumptious!


  2. Maria beat me to it... have to add that I bet that cake was fabulous. I wouldn't say no to a slice!

  3. Dude - you totally lost your opportunity to stick a small potted plant in the center of that cake and call it a Bundt (a la My Big Fat Greek Wedding).

    And, I have come to love your vicar so much that even I am feeling a bit weepy that she's heading off to a world that won't include us :( pass the tissues - and the cake!

  4. I don't know what they've put in the water up here but I've gone weepy over that photo of Vicar Anne opening her present! So WMK, shove over and let me get at the tissues and cake please!

    Locket xxx

  5. oh noooooooo vicar anne is *LEAVING*??!?!? ok, yeah, that's a serious blow. (having said that i feel a bit bad for the new one that we've all kind of underappreciated him/her already just by virtue of NOT being vicar anne!)

    re scrumptious chocolatey candy-filled cakes: there's nowt wrong with yours that the judicious application of whipped cream and a jaunty devil-may-care attitude wouldn't cure. but hey...if it means you HAVE TO keep the cake...i'll be right over... :)

    ps: so the OLD boyfriend is ALL MINE then??!?!??! :O