Monday, 23 November 2009

getting there

I feel sure normality lurks under a pile of stuff that still needs to be sorted and rehomed, if only I could identify which one! Downstairs the carpet is mostly visible, upstairs still scares me. However on the whole I think Saturday/Sunday was a success and may be praecised as follows.

Provisons underestimated requiring TWO shopping trips in the driving rain by CK. On foot as shops literally around the corner. Earned title of SuperDad.

Emotional breakdowns by a) highly strung daughter of Missus Bit Tired and b) Princess Curly-Wurly (well ... it was her party so ...)

The hour dedicated to a disco spent discussing and then arguing over the group choreography resulting in no dancing at all before dinner.

Overhead conversations about Fine! We''ll all be lesbians then!' (!!! CK overheard not me so don't have any other details) and one child's homelife drama being perceived by other girls as her having 'the best stories!' to tell

Night time walk with all three dogs proving opportunity to exercise my scarey grown-up muscles and reinforce golden rule 'All must stay together always when out'.

The drama and high emotion that comes with being an eleven year old girl.
How that ratchets up a whole other level when they reach critical mass.
The crazy mix of knowing and awareness and small girl giggly silliness.
And ultimately the fact that I do NOT like having to growl at people to GO TO SLEEP at four o'clock in the morning.


  1. WOW! You're a brave woman!!!

    Happy Birthday to Miss Curly Worly<3

  2. Sounds like a great weekend LOL! Hey -- you lived to tell about it!

  3. Happy Birthday to your lovely girl!

    You are very brave, having all those pre-teens over for the night! My two have decided they like sleepovers with one friend each - seems my brainwashing worked.


  4. Happy Birthday Princess C-Dub! And happy recovery to the rest of you!!!

    Locket xxx

  5. a very happy birthday to Princess Curly wirly, so glad it all worked out, tho maybe not as planned!!!!x

  6. Happy Birthday Princess!

    ps: reminds me of my yuth - my fav aunt used to sit on the stair and evesdrop our (girl-cousins)midnight "grown-up" conversations. Oh how I loved that woman!

    pss: I want to hear some of the "best stories"

    psss: are you certain CK wasn't mistaken, perhaps the quote really was "...we'll all be thespians"?

  7. They were still awake at 4 in the morning?????? By then I would have been ringing their parents....evil grin. You deserve a medal. Take some time out for yourself and relax - it sounds like you need it. Ohh and I now know why I was never a fan of sleepovers.....vbg.

  8. Oh wow Happy Birthday to Princess CW - sounds like you need a holiday Trash!

  9. Gee.... this senario sounds all too familiar Trash. Oh that's right, I too have highly strung teenage girls who forget to sleep at sleep-overs. What a silly word sleep-over is anyway. We all know that no one actually gets to sleep... especially not parents!!
    Hope you are now in recovery mode.
    Hugs ~ Kerryanne

  10. You're extremely brave. After one sleepover party where we were still patrolling the corridor into the wee small hours of the morning, I have discouraged having more than one girl to sleepover at a time.

  11. I'm late. Nothing new there then. Belated Happy Birthday to Princess C-W and I hear you on the pain of girls not going to sleep until ridiculous o'clock. I got so stroppy after the last one, that I refused to have them all here again - until today. Today they're coming to tea. They'd best be well behaved. x