Saturday, 28 November 2009

A week later and things are just about back to normal.

This time last Saturday I was making pizza bases and mocktails for the screaming hordes of proto-teenagers inhabiting my house. And CK was out in the rain off to the shops for more mocktails ingredients.

Oh the difference in a week. I am at home in front of a fire enjoying the sight of tired dogs recovering from a walk in the rain. My jeans are in the drier also recovering from a walk in the rain. CK is once again out getting drinks but rather than the supermarket, tonight he is in the pub with his bastard brother. It has taken said bastard brother nearly 12 months to come and face me and he arrived full of stories about what a state my old man dog was in last January. No apology you understand.

I suppose I shouldn't hold my breath.

As the Queen has two birthdays so Princess C-W decided to have TWO sessions of opening presents last Sunday. Firstly there was the gifties from her fellow non-sleepers to open before breakfast. A treasure trove of delicious goodies that she is TOO mean to share fully. Among the deliciousness a pair of softie mice magnets that are too sweet to be left alone.
Once the house was all ours again Pr. C-W decided it was time to open family gifties. This shirt is from her brother.
And then she opened her gift from us. I think she was a little pleased.

It is a purple i-pod nano engraved with her initials across the back.

And finally we round off with a little crafting action from this week past. With the addition of some Amy Butler decorator weight fabric the repurposed Fortnum & Mason teatowel is now an apron.

A little re-adjustment is required around the armhole-y bits to stop the boobwings going on but I am quite chuffed with the finished product.

Trouble is being as it IS my F&M apron I can't really wear it much in case it gets dirty ;-)


  1. You'll have to make another apron to be the getting dirty apron...

  2. Ah no, that apron has to be for best now - I can just picture you wafting round the kitchen in a silky little something, high heels and your apron serving champagne and smoked salmon on Christmas morning ... no?

  3. brilliant apron - i should just leave it hanging in the kitchen where everyone can see it and then make another one to wear!!!


  4. happy♥HAPPY♥hapPppPpPPPPPy birthday, princess c-dub!!! and thank goodness you only have ONE a year, i think your mama will need the full 12 months to recover!! ♥

    gorgeous apron, obviously, missus t! of course, the tactical faux pas you are making is to think you should actually *COOK* in it...clearly this is an apron to be worn whilst supervising the cooking of others (i myself EXCEL in this realm!) or whilst making calls which organize reservations or takeaway! (again, i could tutor you well, if necessary!) i feel quite sure these are the occasions for which missus fortnum and missus mason wear THEIRS!!! :)

  5. Just wear it with your best knickers and high heels and no-one will notice the boobwings.

    Mind you, you'll have to be careful not to get it dirty ;)