Wednesday, 11 November 2009

Lest we forget

It is a subject close to my heart (ref here and here).

There is still no need for extra words. Take two minutes at 11'o'clock and think of them all.


  1. last years words were perfect. thank you.

    one of my very best friends is currently serving as an army doctor in afganistan. this year, remembrance has had special significance.

  2. Thank you, I never understood why we had poppies on Veterans Day, I will remember to observe that moment of silence at 11:11

  3. I was in our local garden centre at 11am and everyone put down their shopping and observed the 2 minutes silence - it was rather moving standing with a group of complete strangers united in remembrance.

  4. Both Dot and Daisy were in Remembrance performances yesterday but sadly nothing happened at work at all and I am ashamed to admit that I missed the two minutes silence completely.

    Lucy x

  5. Hi! Not sure how else to contact you, so I'm off-topic here. Saw your comment on Aaryn's piece at the WC and I thought it would be neat if you did write about some of the things you mentioned and sent it in. Be a little broadening for those of us in the US all spun up about stupid stuff, you know?