Sunday, 1 November 2009

Post-Halloween Roundup

We had a Halloween Party here last night that devolved into a sleepover for both pink and blue models. The boys went to bed at 2100 and the girls 2130. destructoBoy went out quite quickly but Dervish was still awake at 22:30 when I relieved him of his mp3. This morning the girls confessed that, even though I had read them the riot act at 2300, they stayed awake until they could legitimately say 'Good Morning' to one another and then went to sleep!!!!!
The day was spent prepping for the party. CK went out to the shops at least 5 million times for 'just one more thing' while Princess C-W and I cooked the spooky meal. I poured blood and guts with extra eyeballs over rotten bones (homemade pasta sauce with mini-mozzerella balls stuffed with rolled-up basil leaves over macaroni) and my girl made spooky tortilla sesame shapes.
Once Dervish and Dynamo had arrived there was a house to decorate and spooky pumpkins to design. CK's US-based workmate come through on a trip here recently and stocked us up with some fabulously scarey and suitably gory Halloween decorations. So I left CK in charge while I made 'just one last trip to the shops.
Everything in place before the meal meant I had time in hand to 'carve' the patterns the childer had drawn.
I say 'carve' but we discovered last year that a small bit in a trusty Black and Decker gets the job done just as well. We finished off with sparklers, the scarey stories the children had written earlier and s'mores. And then sleep. Eventually!


  1. Oooh, I am rather jealous. Our evening seems very pedestrian by comparison!

  2. OOF and here i thought america stopped bein' scary once OUR BOYFRIEND was elected prez!!! at least i am pleased that our horror is now confined to festive halloween purposes! :)

    sounds like a fab time was had by all...except maybe the shops whose shelves are now presumably empty after all those trips... ;)

  3. Your children are in serious danger of Idyllic Childhood Syndrome which results in a lifetime trying to recreate the happiness of childhood. Don't say I didn't warn you.

  4. glad a fun night was had by all! I've been the person who has had to run all those 'just one more thing' trips to the market... TG you're on top of the hill ;-)

    love the decorations and the food sounds fabbo!
    Noice one!!!!

  5. sounds like a brilliant time! lots of brownie points for mum there i think!!!