Thursday, 7 January 2010

left behind

This morning both my children left the house independently.

destuctoBoy set off to meet with friends in the park to sledge his day away.

Watching him walk down the drive I was reminded of a poem.

"Seeding the unknown future
we birthed our final child
to delight our age.

Now only at his half year
he moves away
determined to follow
his own hidden pathways
and we are overwhelmed by his desertion

until he smiles
back over his shoulder.
(Daniel at 1/2. Josie Stainsby. 1982)


  1. Well that certainly brought tears to my eyes...

  2. Oh Trash - that's just about perfect. I have that heart in mouth feeling of seeing your offspring going their own way.

    Beautiful post.

    Also, incredibly struck by just how much that independant grown-up young man looks like his sister in that final photo.

    Don't tell either of them I said so!!


    p.s. what did you do while they were out? sleep in front of your lovely logburner? fret with your nose pressed to the window and ear tuned to your phone? teach yourself crochet?

  3. Very. Cool. And so perfectly illustrated!

  4. No matter how much we wish time would stop - our children keep growing and will eventually leave us. Gorgeous photos and magnificant poem.

    Got to ask though - what did you do while he was gone?

  5. This poem is perfect and very calming for me.

    Our daughter turns 18 in June. If I think about it much, I almost hyperventilate. I'll keep this poem in mind.