Monday, 4 January 2010

Things that make me happy. Part Three.

Part Three of what makes me happy. Must mean it is up to the letter 'C'.

Cheeriness. Children. Chatting.
Christmas. Crackers. Carols.

Colour. CK. Coke (not the illegal version obviously).
Collies. Cheap International Calls. Cuddles.

Craft. Cleverness. Creativity.
Computers. Cloth. Cushions.
Communication. Countryside. Cities. Cooking.
Creatures. Cotton. Clean sheets.
Comfort. Ceramics. Cake tins.
(CK suggested Iadd carbohydrates. Cheeky bugger!!!)

Do you love the beautiful quilty wreath? It ws made for me in the 2008 Chookyblue's Secret Santa Swap by the lovely Charmaine. I didn't get to blog it last year as by the time it got back the UK CK was ready to put anything seasonally related straight up into the loft. As I was busy dealing with the fally-over old man dog I let him just get on with it, buty you really should go visit her as her work is beautiful.


  1. You forgot Crazies (you do seem to attract them you know)

  2. Too right Jodie - a C list is incomplete without us crazies!!


  3. This post was very Cheery!

    (Did you make that wreathy-quilt or quilty-wreath?? It is lovely!)

  4. He he ... you're a crack-up!!
    Ooh .. Ooh .... there's another "C"!!!!
    Joy :o)

  5. Fabulous C's -- I love this series. And those tights are fantastic!

  6. I must inform you that I now have Cookie Monster's song, "C is for Cookie" stuck in my head.


  7. I don't know what is up with my typepad account today, but it is supposed to say "Jodi Anderson" for my name with a link to one of my blogs. In the words of my daughter, "blaargh!"

  8. I lust over those cool tights!

  9. Lots of cheerfulness - especially in those tights.

  10. I love those tights and skirt combination and wish I was young enough and daring enough to wear them! Froma another crazie...x

  11. If you didn't live on the other side of the planet I would totally come to your house and STEAL those tights.

  12. those tights are real chic!!! such a hippy chick your girlie!!!! i love being part of the crazies!!!!


  13. Great tights! I want some!!!

    Locket xxx

  14. yeah, we CRAZIES are definitely a bit miffed. but other than that, i think you've covered the c's quite COMPETENTLY! :)

    (ps: i LOVE the tights and love♥LOVE♥love the quilty wreath...or wreathy's STUNNING!!!)

  15. I need some of those tights!