Monday, 11 January 2010

Two questions.

1. After washing HOW does one get all the crinkles, wrinkles, dips and ditches out of heavy linen?

2. Say one were having a birthday party, how would one go about decorating a local Guild Hall in a hilltop town?

Just curious........


  1. I can answer question 1.

    You use an iron ;-)

    On cotton setting and the items to be ironed should be slightly damp. My mum would have the linen out on the line to dry, if it got fully dry before she brought it in, she would slightly dampen it with a spray bottle, then wrap it in plastic and iron it the next day.
    It is possible to iron dry linen with a steam iron, but it takes much more hard work.

    Hope this helps you, even though I had to swear (iron)

  2. 1; Get the maid to do it
    2; Get the maid to do it with balloons.


  3. I love Jennyflower's suggestions! Where can I get me one of those maids?
    Are we celebrating a significant birthday???

  4. I agree with Eve regarding the linen. As for decorating, I'm SO clueless.

  5. i love jennyflower's suggestions - i would sooo love a maid - as for the other, say twinkly lights and bunting?


  6. Am loving the idea of a maid. Do you think I am likely to get one for my birthday if I ask nicely?

    I did iron it on the hottest setting (with steam off) when it was wet from the machine but the linen is really thick and it was taking five minutes to iron dry a five inch square so I have left it to dry on the heater. Please tell me I have not made a crucial error that will leave me sobbing over a buggered piece of cloth!

  7. My answers to both questions are leave it to the last minute and hope your mother-in-law will do it.
    However, I've never had much success with this myself so I'd say:

    1. What Eve said and whatever you do don't dry it on the heater!

    2. LOADS of balloons, bubble machine, dry ice, chocolate fountain, bunting (made from crumpled linen is always a good look) - can you tell I have absolutely no idea what I'm talking about?


  8. p.s. liking how you just dropped 'local Guild Hall' into that sentence - nice work :)

  9. Borrow Artic camouflage netting from your local Territorial army and turn the Guildhall into a WinterWonderland. Then you can pretend to be in Narnia and indulge your passion for Turkish Delight.

  10. Failing the maid, send the linen to the dry cleaners. As for decorating... hundreds of balloons that the children blow up for you, although I like Moogsmum's suggestion of bunting made from heavy linen.

  11. i particularly like Moogsmum's comments - especially the choc fountain! and i still say you should get 'the boyos' to help with ideas
    as for that it for the next time mum comes over ;-)

  12. When I read the post I was going to say;
    1: iron it wet.
    2. Delegate.
    But I'd just go with Jenny's suggestion, think there maybe an upturn in the use of domestic help after that!

  13. LOL everybody seems to be favoring the maid thing - - should I raise my hand and add myself to the vote too? :-)

    Ironing - yes I think damping the cloth will help, or use fabric softener when you wash it - they say it helps smooth wrinkles a bit :-)

    Wishing you and your family a blessed New Year!