Thursday, 11 February 2010

Gifts Part the First

I love birthdays. I really, really love birthdays. Mine, someone else's, the dogs', I just love birthdays. And this year my birthday has actually hit the heights of birthday lani-dom.

Now officially at middle age I decided I have enough stuff (obviously excludes fabric and yarn stash increases) and accordingly told CK I didn't want much for my birthday. And so this is (most of) what I got from my lot.

3 flying lanterns, a face mask (ref. prev. post for finished article) , a book many times discussed and a remote control for my camera (used to superb effect last Saturday night).

CK told me I needed some jewellery for my 40th birthday. *No I don't I said. *Go and choose some he said. *No, I won't I said, I don't need any. *Go and choose a piece of jewellery that is beautiful and lovely or the kids and I will!

So I did. I bought myself a gorgeous string of freshwater pearls. They are luminous. They are long. They are lovely. They will be pictured in the next post!
Then there was a parcel from Sylv. As well as the fabric shown over here she also sent some snuggly warm socks, a knitting book filled with crrrrrrazy patterns and the pearls my father gave her in 1969.

These are a necklet that I may never actually wear but I will take out regularly and stroke and sigh over.

Giovanna played a blinder. Again there was fabric but wrapped inside it were some very elegantly patterned cake papercases, an incredibly funky camera bag (perfect for holding new camera 'mote!) and TWO jugs. The cow one has two cows. Obviously they represent me and her but it has to be said I would be the one on the other side, the smaller cow ;-)
This week Smiley Carol has really had to face her fear of my big black dog because I received something in the post EVERY day. Monday my letterbox held a package from Alice Magpie . There may have been a squeal of delight when I opened the parcel to see a Fortnum's bag. things may have got even squealier when I opened up said bag to reveal tins of posh tea and smart biscuits.

Tuesday there was a birthday card from my Auntie Wil insisting I should have a good birthday and that I would celebrate at least another 40. Apparently after I turn 80 all bets are off!

During our day of gratuitous and luxuriant sleeping on Wednesday my assistant flickered a bit when she heard the lid close on the letterbox so when I finally braved the cold (-2 yesterday at 3pm plus windchill) I found a package from Australia waiting for me. Many huge thanks to Annie, Jodie and Rachel for all the beautiful gifts they sent.

From Rachel there were four gorgeous blocks, so perfectly pointy and stitched; I plan on these becoming a cushion quite soon. Annie sent me some of her stunning cards. Princess C-W was particularly smitten with the one of the poppy. And Missus JodieRicrac sent three pieces of fabric and two packs of her billet-doux. I have spent this week wandering around in a haze of loved-upedness and to be honest I am seriously trying to figure out if I can have another one of these in six months because man! I am flying on the lurve!!

The birthday quilt blog will be updated tomorrow but bleow is a collage of the fabric received since Saturday night.

Come back and visit again because there is more to see yet!


  1. Big "0" birthdays always mean lots of gifties! You scored well Trahy!!

  2. Dear Trash,

    I have been slack with the blog reading and I missed your big birthday. HAPPY BIRTHDAY! What a lovely stash of good stuff. You are clearly treasured, and deservedly so.

    love Stomper

  3. Wow Trashy! What a blowout birthday. You are clearly a well loved girl!!!

  4. Oh Trashie I love the pearls!! Years ago my Mum gave me hers ... the ones she got from HER Dad umpteen years ago. They need to be restrung now, but like you, I'd still keep them just for looking at :o).
    What a fabulous birthday you had!!
    Joy :o)

  5. such gorgeous gifts and scrumptious fabric!!!


  6. Altogether now - didn't she do well?!

    Obviously this cultural reference will be lost on you unless you spent your childhood being forced to watch the Generation Game ...

  7. Blooming good haul there missus! Love the little tree fabric and the pears. More fabric may appear with you one day soonish - but it still hasn't turned up here yet...

  8. Wow - you got lots! Very much deserved. x

  9. May every day pass in a haze of loved upedness...

  10. Ditto that which was said by my buddy Michaela.

  11. Yay for lovely presents! I have some fabric for you too but I need to get organised to send it to you! Me xxx

  12. Just goes to show, it's worth being 40 for all the gorgeous pressies you get!


  13. woweeeeeeee!!! you've definitely got yourself a prodigious PASSEL* of particularly pleasing presents, particularly from your perspicacious progeny & their peerless patriarch!

    *HA! i can do it, too! :) (ps re "RILEY" i was going to say the same of ck!!!) :)