Thursday, 18 February 2010

Questions from a half term break.

We have had a busy halfterm break. Visiting friends, playing sport, climbing Hengistbury Head and dodging waves at the beach. Cinema, dog-walking, sleepovers and dodgeball.

I'm not sure which of these activities lead to my boy snuggling into my arms on Wednesday morning and saying "What is a love life?"

Shouting silently "WHAT?" I answered that it just refers to people who like to kiss one another and spend time together .
"Oh. Do you and Daddy have a lovelife?" Again with the silent shouting of "WHAT!?!" but I replied 'Errr ... yes.'
"How many people have you kissed?"

This, I have to confess, was a question too far. Being a modern funky mama, and rather than ending the chat, I lead him down a more palatable conversational path. "Well, the first boy I kissed was called Ashley." This apparently was funny and the laughter ramped up when I told him what Ashley's brother's name and their surname.
Eight year old boys are weird.


  1. How many boys have you kissed?
    Thats a killer !

  2. Oh go on tell, tell! Put a figure on it! (it's not just 8 year old boys who are interested in these things!)

  3. Both of mine asked me how they got into my tummy *in the same week*. I muttered some nonsense about special cuddles but argh! I'm not ready!

  4. Let me guess, the surname was Wilkes. He was gentlemanly yet indecisive, and he loved Melanie, his cousin and later his wife, but he was tormented by an obsession with you. Unfortunately for him and for you, his failure to deal with his true feelings for you ruind any chance you have for real happiness with the true love of your life, the smooth-talking CK.

    BTW - congrats on Austrailia's finally getting their first Catholic saint! Good to know all of your hard work and prayer paid off!

  5. come on then, spill the beans, you can't keep us in suspense!!!


  6. Good diversion....but there's sure to more questions lurking!

  7. Eight year old boys are fantastic! I thought you handled the whole line of questioning very well. Wait until he's 12 - having been there, I can only tell you that it gets LOTS better! ;-)

  8. All boys are weird - not just 8 year old ones!


  9. Thimbleanna? It gets better? When? Mine are 10 and 15 and so far it's just got a whole lot worse. People keep telling me it will get better but I'm blowed if I've seen any sort of improvement.

    Oh and Trashy? My youngest wears swimming goggles and a cycle helmet whenever he plays conkers!

  10. omg--too, TOOOOOOOOOO adorable and funny!!! (i'd *love* to know exactly what inspired said musings, tho, wouldn't you?!) ♥♥♥

    (ps: it is not, as others have noted before me, just the 8-year-old ones...) :)