Tuesday, 9 February 2010

Still looking for the words for 'Thank You' ...

.... but in the short term I want you all to know that this has been a most fabulous birthday and I am touched by all the thoughtful and kind gestures and words people have proffered in the last ten days.

At this rate I may turn a '0' birthday every month!


  1. Love you Trashy! Sorry my giftie didn't make it in time - know you are loved nonetheless :)

    C- Who is currently under 28"of snow with 10-12" to come tomorrow night! NOTE TO PCW: This much snow has actually brought our Nation's Capital to a screeching halt.

  2. that works for me...then i can be "the younger" for a bit...which you have to admit suits our relative maturity levels!!! :)

  3. Like I said on Saturday night....just give us all a bit more notice next time it's a special birthday!!

    My knitting needles were smokin'!


  4. Yes but how is Sylv's husband? still thinking of him and worrying.

  5. You are very very welcome Trashy! I turn noughty next year y'know! Locket xxx

  6. Happy Happy Birthday - glad you enjoyed and can't wait to hear all about it....and see some pics.