Tuesday, 30 March 2010

Bah humbug!

Having waited since about 9 am for the rain to stop I decided to just get brave, stick a raincoat on and take the dogs out for walk .

I should have known there was an issue when I spotted her across the road. She clocked my three sitting waiting at the kerbside waiting to be told to cross and the tension travelling to her dog via the lead was palpable from where I stood. She headed toward town and I called my mob on and we went out into the weather.

Just recently my assistant has become enamoured of chasing a ball. Really fast. Especially if it is thrown from a flinger. Problem is she likes to kill balls during the quiet periods so our house is littered with denuded and split tennis balls. Today all I could find to fling was a completely bald and quite dead looking projectile.

Being smooth it bounced like no one's business. Right into the flowerbed in the rose garden. With the old man dog's lead in hand and my assistant bouncing like a lunatic behind me I was able to lean over the railings and pick it up using said flinger. I flung it again. Bounce! Into the shrubs this time. No way I could reach it I would have to go in.

No dogs allowed in the council rose gardens so I tied the OMD up to the rails, the black dog sniffed and snuffled along the grass verge and my assistant ran from one end of the fence to the other waiting for me to fling it again (oh the faith of the obsessed). In my periphery I noticed a cream coloured, small dog. Lots of fluff, big bulgey eyes and a sticky-out panty tongue. With its lead going all the way up to the weird woman I saw earlier.

I get the ball and head back out to my mob.
She said "I came in here to get away from you!"
"Thanks very much!" I said continuing to walk on all the while thinking 'Crazy old witch!'.
"I'll give you time to get ahead."
"I'm not going anywhere."
"Your dogs ..."
"My dogs are perfectly well-behaved."

Silly old witch.


  1. I recognise this scenario... why are other dog owners so weird. One lady I sometimes meet picks her dog up when we approach... and Barley is totally well behaved and never so much as growls at another dog!

  2. what a rude lady!!! Good job she doesn't meet our Molly - she'd need earplugs!!!!


  3. WWWwwhhhhaaaaahhhhttt????? "I came here to get away from you"???? Yo have got to be kidding me!!! What a whitch! Doesn't she realize that this is HOLY WEEK and she should at least TRY to be a bit less evil (we won't bother with kind and generous!)

    Ahhhh, it has just come to me: she's just discovered that she is an "Ian" and is really, really disappointed that you already knew this to be the case.

  4. Are we talking about Moriarty here?

  5. I'm acquainted with this scenario too ... an old bat with a fluffy white dog. The one I knew used to cross the road to avoid me. The thing was, she was my next door neighbor and it wasn't a pet she disliked ... it was my 8 month old child! (And I promise I had never run her down with the pram. Ever.)

    Some people are just plain rude.

  6. ok, see, ppl like ♥YOU♥ lovely missus have dogs b/c you have so much love & good feelings that even after surrounding yourself with family and friends and neighbors and childrens you still have extra that needs to be spent!

    ppl like ◘HER◘ have dogs b/c no one else will hang out with them. (& this is why the dogs need to be kept firmly on a lead or even they'd do a runner at the first opportunity!!!)

    ...just sayin'...

    (ps: how very odd about red & white & turquoise...i feel like i've been DREAMING that for like 3 months, as well!)