Monday, 29 March 2010

Storm Boy

And they just keep coming!

As always the radio was on during breakfast but Radio 2 rather than 4. Music and chat is more user-friendly while the smalls eat cereal than John Humphries haranguing politicians and those daft girlies giggling with the sports presenter on The Today Programme.

News headlines at 8'o'clock included a piece about the horrific murder in a Tube Station last week . Because I am the 'take every learning opportunity possible' kind of mother I told both of them they were to stay away from gangs (obviously because they are so prevalent up here on the hill) . I said that they should be ready to say 'No' if they disagreed with things.

'Say no to joining gangs.'
'Say no to drugs.'
'Say no to excessive amounts of alcohol.'
'When you are older say no to unsafe sex. Say yes to sex because it is enjoyable but say NO to being unsafe.'

Princess C-W chimed in with '...and cigarettes. Say no to cigarettes as well.'

And then BAM! around a mouthful of cereal destructoBoy said 'What about pelicans? Do we have to say no to pelicans?'

'Storm Boy' is a 1976 Australian film about a child and the pelicans he befriends along the South Australian coast


  1. But, what was the answer??? You never know what dark paths a pelican might lead them down.... !!!

  2. Haaa haaaa Storm Boy was one of my fave movies as a kiddie.... say no to Pelicans!

  3. And while you're at it, better add albatrosses ...

  4. I love that movie too! So what was the answer??

  5. I've never seen that movie, but I love pelicans - like prehistoric remnants, winging along.

    Never say "no" to pelicans. That's my (new) motto!

  6. I loved Storm Boy

    and I am going to recount that story about the pelicans to my kids because it is just the sort of thing that will make them laugh out loud too!

    So random!

  7. I can't believe you didn't warn him about the pelicans along with the drugs, gangs and alcohol

  8. Oh DEFINITELY no to Pelicans. Goes without saying really.

  9. I totally understand his logic, although I'd be more wary of penguins....shifty little buggers!


  10. lemme know when the...

    "I say no to PELICANS but yes, yes, YES to ♥D-BOY♥"

    ...t-shirts go on sale, k?! i'm gonna need for each day of the week!!! :) :) :)