Tuesday, 11 May 2010

Is it time to come home yet?

Returned from tropics to Sylv's house at 0200 hrs Monday morning. Not sure I can maintain pace for next 10 days. Someone will scrape the puddle that is me into an envelope and post me home. Won't they?


  1. OH! How slow am I?! Only just realised you are in my neck of the woods!
    I see from your other post you are going to Sew It Together... Would love to say hello :-)

  2. its blooming freezing here, so i think you are definitely in a much better place!!!!! and what a weekend you have coming up, not that i'm jealous or anything like that, ooo no!!!!!lol!!!


  3. Looking forward to meeting you at Sew It Together!

  4. Dude. You are being out done by your MOTHER? Sort of sad.

    But I love you nonetheless :)

    ps: someone sent an Aussie dictionary to my office; I am becoming proficient.

  5. Oh dear - bet you're looking forward to getting back home and having nothing to do other than mothering, laundry, cooking, dog walking, housework etc etc...

    Take your vitamins and drink plenty of water and you'll be fine!



  6. p.s. you picked the wrong time to go away, by the way, we're having another little blast of winter - complete with frosts and snow in some parts AND you've missed THE MOST fun with all the wonderful post-election goings on.....

  7. it was worth it though ....right?