Wednesday, 5 May 2010

And so we are nearing the halfway mark.

The jaunt around Victoria continues and this weekend in fact widens to take me to the other end of the country. Come Friday afternoon (EST) Sylv and I shall be jetting Northwards for a long weekend in the tropics :-) Now that has to be what the doctor ordered and if he didn't then he blurry well should!

The races were triffic fun and it was fabulous to watch the spectacle of it all. Even more amazing was during the steeplechase when the field suddenly turned a bend on the track and the lot of them took off up the hill OUT OF THE COURSE jumping all the way! How crazy is that? Not only does this track not follow a standard horse racetrack layout but halfway through this up and down meandering the horses have to cross a road?!?!? Both 8 y.o. boys (destructoBoy and his cousin, Syndrome) I have told this to in the last 24 hours had the same question - did the cars slow down?

TG next week is looking a little more relaxed with Tuesday as a full day of recovery before a bloggy meet-up (hopefully) on Wednesday and then another rest day on Thursday before heading to the big smoke for the start of SewIt Together.

Bed now to write postcards and then sleep before tomorrow kick starts the next 5 days of adventure.


  1. A postcard for me???? Thank you so much!!! ;o)

  2. Sounds like you're having a fab time missus. This horse race thing....did the cars slow down then or did the jockeys have to jump the horses over fast moving vehicles?

    Enjoy the next bit - especially that bloggy meet up :o)


  3. Shall I expect the post card to cme here?

    ps: did you see I posted traveling tunes for ya?

  4. Had a laugh at your cols comment..Whitney has just started a new job where she is wearing a long sleeve top ( to cover up the paintings there) the woman she is working with said you wont want to wear that in the summer cos it gets hot in here!!Whitney said Its ok I kinda come from the heat!!
    Enjoy your time in the tropics

  5. wow sounds like a very hectic schedule!!!
    p.s have just sent you email!!


  6. You'll need to come home for a rest! Is it ok if I wondered if the cars stopped for the horses, too? x

  7. 此處是值得一探究竟的好部落格!!........................................