Friday, 25 June 2010

10 things 10pm 2010 **EDIT**

1. Whoever is coming downstairs at this time of night better be bleeding from both eyeballs and suddenly limbless even if it IS Friday night. *
2. I am missing The Women's Colony. It was a place of peace and sanctuary for many; not sure it can ever be replaced. Mrs G rocks.
3. Family Fun Evening at school tomorrow night. Why am I all ready thinking 'Fun' is going to be a relative term?
4. Found out today that d/Boy has his sucky Yr.2 teacher again next term for Yr. 4. Grrrr.
5. Loving the advent of an actual Summer this year (so far). Long may it last and only ever rain on weekday nights until sometime in October.
6. Have to fill in admin forms for BIG school by Wednesday next week.
7. Want to smack Mrs Bit-Tired's whiny daughter for indulging in babyish yet proto-teen bitchy behaviour.
8. Need impetus to put great career plan into action. Has anyone invented a tablet to cure apathy yet? Oh! Really? No-one can be bothered? Huh.
9. Am currently rocking the creation of vinyl-lined wash bags. Current total 12 with more cut out. Oh lovely little Janome 419S you are clever creature to be able to sew vinyl without a teflon foot.
10. Is it wrong to be in love with a creation of your own making? Or is it just wrong when you love the skill that created it?

* Pr.C-W in pain with loose and decaying last baby tooth. Last time we had a tooth take more than a week to come out it stayed hanging around for 18 months. PG this one doesn't make it to three months.

**EDIT** I can't even remember what 10. was about. I know it was something sew-y/crafty related NOT, as it reads to me this morning, about children and sex.


  1. so very many thoughts for a friday night. does your brain ever turn off?

  2. Snap! I have a 419S too... didn't know about the vinyl thing - cool!

  3. Aaargh! Too much thinking!!! Hope PCW's tooth is ok! Me x

  4. 1. Poor PrCW - toothache sucks :(
    2. Don't know it so no comment.
    3. You are there to enjoy yourself and enjoy yourself you will!
    4. Happened to Monster this year. No chance he'll have her again as she's off on maternity leave soon - wahay!!
    5. Seconded.
    6. Ooooh....BIG school?!
    7. Smack her for me too.
    8. What great career do you have in mind?
    9. Well, show us then! We need photos!
    10. No and no.

    **EDIT** chortle :o)

    Moogs xx

  5. hope the tooth problem sorts itself out really soon!!! Wow, what a list!!!!

  6. You are so funny -- 1 and 10 cracked me up, although I do hope there weren't bleeding eyeballs involved!!!

  7. 一棵樹除非在春天開了花,否則難望在秋天結果。.................................................................

  8. Your edit note cracked me up. It does read that way ... :)