Monday, 28 June 2010

Have you ever been in love?

I think I may just be.
Isn't he gorgeous?
And because it really is true love, this is on the other side.
This is one of the vinyl-lined bags I have been making like a crazy hound these past two weeks.

It started with a washbag for my girl to take on her weeklong residential trip last month. This fabric was too perfect to leave in the shop and some pretty floral, lightweight vinyl from the old-fashioned haberdashers in town.

These were such a delight to make and look so blurry good (even if I do say so) that the decision was made to create more for that end-of-year scam - the teacher present. This year d/Boy has had six 'teachers' (don't get me started), and Princess C-W three so for once I am ahead of the game and have made five so far.

The first was the boat one for Mr. Headteacher and then d/Boy picked out some shapes for the rest. Gingerbread Man and initials for the really lovely teaching assistant (TA), angel for the god-loving TA, bell for the uber-music loving teacher and a Dala (swedish horse image) for the horse's arse faced evil teacher. This just leaves the knitting one, the coffe cup one and the 'gods-alone-know-what-to-make-for-her' one and there is still a month left of school.

But these need not be just wash bags. I made one on Friday for my gods-daughter's half-year birthday and told her it could be for pencils, shells, felt-tips (textas/markers) or, if her mother really insisted, a damp flannel.

And finally I am managing to post the pictures of the most recent blocks I have made for the 'Quilt Around The World ~~ Christmas Blocks' for Carroll and Sudi-Laura respectively.

I am very excited about both of these because I pieced with reasonably sharp points for a first-timer AND also did needleturn applique! Yay me!


  1. Flannel! That word is so funny! Those bags would look good with little bunnies on them to haha

  2. Yep, flannel. Funny! Love the appliques Mrs. Very noice. Esp like the robot. He rocks.

  3. Yay you! How busy have you been?? All so gorgeous!

    (Hey, my spammy word thing is 'turdukkn' - isn't that what Americans cook??)

  4. Fantastic bags and great gifts for the teachers.
    Hugs ~ Kerryanne

  5. Yep... gorgeous robot but I'm in love with that fabric with the little scottie dogs... so cute!

  6. wowee!!! awesome sewing Mrs Trash!


  7. Can we not talk about Christmas yet? Blimey! On the upside, you are a crafting machine, knocking up all those ace bags!

  8. Fab work missus! Keeping you out of mischief too! Lucy x

  9. I don't know what needle turn applique is but I do know your makes are looking fantabulous. I love the colours you chose on the bags, especially that one with the pinwheel shapes on it. Can I feel an etsy shop coming on?

  10. Way cool on the sweings : )

    ps: two of your country-women are on walkabout here in my office. The "yis" totally gives them away!!!

  11. Errr...
    that should say "sEWings" not "sWEings". I was distracted by the Aussies. I swear it!