Monday, 5 July 2010

100 things (Part 1)

1. I am crubbish at getting my haircut. I love having it done but never seems to happen more than two or three times a year.
2. I am a geek at heart. Unsurprisingly I was never in a cool gang at school.
3. My UK driver's licence says I was born in 'Warnambod', I think it is cool and have never corrected it.
4. I am probably too old to be using 'cool' in general speech. Even worse, I think it highlights my age. Oh Fonz you have a lot to answer for! Not that 'cool' is cool anymore anyway.
5. Discovered on Facebook the other day that a school friend and I have given our border collies the same name! Mrs Hunt was right apparently and we really ARE twins!
6. I haven't replied to most of the requests to befriend people from school on Facebook. Not that there have been that many (ref. #2).
7. I heart blogging. Fascinating people, places, pictures, stories, occasions and events.
8. Blogging and an internet highspeed connection are bad things and take up too much of my time. They really are far too compatible with my inherent laziness and apathy. I love it!
9. My deafness is wavering again. I really need to get my ears checked.
10. I taught myself to crochet when back in Australia in April. Now I know how I need never pick up the evil hook again.
11. Eddie Izzard, Top Gear, Michael McIntyre, Shappi Khorsandi make me laugh. (A little swearing involved on the Eddie Izzard link.)
12. If 'Gibbs' knocked on my door I wouldn't even wave CK goodbye.
13. I love my garden but I HATE gardening.
14. I haven't been to Scotland.
15. If I find the poles for my tent I WILL take my children camping at 'ScotFest2010'.
16. I find Peter White's voice even more irritating than Fi Glover's (BBC Radio 4).
17. I'm fine with bugs, insects and spiders but don't want to get too close to frogs, mice and other small creaures.
18 And birds.
19. I am a crubbish swimmer but love being in the water.
20. I have a different surname to my children.


  1. Warnambod!!? And it was, ahem, 12 months between hair cuts for me last time.

  2. Fascinating stuff... looking forward to the next eighty...

  3. Cool facts Trashy! Can't wait to read the next - which will hopefully include the fact that you go into Estate Agents in the middle of Islington to correct their grammar!! ;o) Locket xx

  4. just give me the scissors!!!!quite a list you've got going there!!!


    word veri is 'poming' - well it made me smile!!!

  5. I found a split end with about 20 splits on it....that is a LOT of haircuts I haven't had!
    Go to Scotland. Go on, go. It' :o)

  6. I don't get my hair cut very often either ... but that's cos I hate people fiddling with my hair.
    Weird I know.
    Joy :o)

  7. 'cool' info there sister o mine, but i think number 18 was cheating! next time you better have 21 to make up for it ;-)
    i've never really understood you & the haircut thing....just make the appointment and go!!!!

  8. Oh Trash, I'm picking myself up from the floor from laughing so much - I think you're "cool" and you would have been welcome in my group of "dags" at high school - and the drivers licence is just too much - cool cool cool! LOVE IT

  9. Warnambod! Ha ha now that one made me chuckle.

  10. Wow - I think I can identify with at least half of the first 20 things about you! I'm getting a hair cut tonight - but I couldn't tell you the last time I had it cut (about 6 months ago?).

  11. I love that you haven't corrected Warnambod. I also love using outdated words like cool, ace, grouse and dig. And like you, I think the blogging is fab but very detrimental to my getting on with the boring stuff, such as housework.

  12. I never laugh as much as I do when I see Eddie Izzard

  13. It's fun getting to know you a little better. I'm with you on the haircut thing, there are just too many more interesting things to do with an hour!

  14. Very fun -- and four more to come too!

    Now, you must enlighten us non-UK/Aussies what Warnambod is? And never been to Scotland? Oh dear -- if I were as close as you are, I fear I'd be running up there all too much!

  15. Hey, have you been reading my mind or something??? 1,2,4,6,7,8,12,13,14,17,18 and 20 could have been me! 12, especially;-)

  16. If Gibb's knocked on my door I'd be out of here so quickly.