Friday, 11 June 2010

Would you mind just taking a quick look?

Have been playing loads more in Flickr recently and most of my pics are SOOC but occasionally I edit. In this instance I can't decide which I prefer. What do you think?


  1. I'm confused - that link just went to one of my sets.....
    what you doing trash?

  2. Ditto Jodie. The link went to the main photo for my photos ... it must do that for all of us. I'm off to search for Trash's now.

  3. Trash. I found you photos and I think you mean the castle? It's hard to tell which is better on my computer and they're not side by side to compare. It looks like the photo was taken in full noon sunshine but I think I prefer the slightly toned down edit (on my computer anyway). Your photo of the lamp in snow is stunning.

  4. I'm even more confused than the others.
    For a start I had to reset my yahoo password cos I never use it and had forgotten it and then once I'd done all that - on the big computer - I came back to the laptop and tried again.
    I couldn't find you or your photos.

  5. ok, so apparently, the "cookies" in each of our comps take us to OUR organizing pages rather than yours.

    luckily you have a distinctive username and i FOUND your photos, and i see the wardour castle one (that is the right one, yes?) which has two versions...i think i like the "edited" version...the slightly greener light is pretty...but they are both awfully nice and i suppose whichever looks to you the most like it looked irl is the right choice! (...any help...?)