Saturday, 24 July 2010

Seven years gone so quickly.

September 8 2003

September 23 2010

My girl finished primary school on Friday.

Seven years of tears
and laughter.
Friends, learning, music, adventure, experience and each and every year the 'humiliation' of sports day.
I delight in the fact that Princess Curly-Wurly has spent these school years with such a lovely, solid group of children. It gladdens my heart to think she will be entering the world of 'BIG' school side by side with most of them.
To each and everyone of those thirty gorgeous childer - I thank you and love you.


  1. Oooh it's all change time! Never easy. But she will love senior school! Locket xxxx

  2. Oh isn't she lovely! What a beautiful smile she has!

    Her schooldays sound quite idyllic. All the best for the big change!

  3. ***sigh***
    She'll have the best time at big school .... what a gawjus girl she is :o).
    Joy :o)

  4. she's such a sweetie - its really scary how quick the time goes - seems only yesterday Em was at the upper school and soon she'll be 21 - gulp!!!

  5. That's a great time - my little Sars went to big school this year, and it's half over - hard to believe that too.

  6. where on earth have those years gone???? I can't believe she's done with primary already! Congrats have to go to you and CK for surviving her primary years too. Well done! ;-)

  7. Oh wow. You have no idea, do you, when you send those teeny-tiny chillun off on their first day of school how quickly seven years will fly by.

    Congratulations to your Princess CW.

  8. Cherish every minute... the next seven years will fly even faster! She looks lovely!

  9. Awwww, congrats to her, and also to you for raising such a lovely young lady. And for writing a very, very touching post.

  10. ...and she time travels, too - finishing school on Sept 23rd, 2010! Seriously though, lovely post - my eldest finished primary school last year (just finished year 7 -yikes!) and the next one is going into Year 6 in the autumn. Where on earth does the time go?

  11. Congratulations Princess CW!! She'll have a great time in big school and the fun's just starting for you, Trashy ;o)


  12. When MissM moved to Senior School she said it was fun at Junior School but even funner at Senior School. I wish Princess CW happy years in her new school and happy memories of her old school.