Wednesday, 28 July 2010


... think my head may be about to explode.

Want to paint new pattern I found at painting this week.

Want to finish knitting 'plane socks'.

Want to finish knitting Will's Christmas present.

Want to finish Treeclimber's wonky star quilt.

Want to start pirate quilt.

Want to bake fabulous recipes from here.

Want to knit something with the stunning bright red 2 ply lace yarn from Posh.

Want to knit scarf with gorgeous brick red alpaca yarn.

Want to read 'clever' book. (not sure which one but something not chick lit-ish)

NEED to finish current block for Around The World - Christmas - Swap.

Want to finish travel, quilt, picnic blanket and all the other bazillion WIPs I have lying around.

Head-exploding due to fact that someone somewhere has decided that

i) 24 hours is sufficient for a whole day

ii) I require sleep.


  1. Pshaw to sleep! I'm sure it's over-rated! Night night! Me xxx

  2. Hmmm. Perhaps you need a hobby? ;)

  3. I'm sure there's a way to stretch a 24 hour day!!

  4. Ummmm well housework and sleeping longer than 15 minutes is out the window but think of the craft-fest you'd be having if you made such a sacrifice!
    Go forth and craft.

  5. TG that pesky family of yours is gone on hols.... you can dedicate your time! Now get to it ;-)

  6. I have a want list as big as that too - s'not fair that one cannot pack more than 24 hours into any given day, is it?! Hope you're having fun at the house on the hill all by yourself :) x

  7. I feel your pain Trashy! My list is long and glorious -- not to mention a few (very old) painting items too! Love those little houses -- who did that pattern? It looks familiar but ... JoSonja (sp?) maybe?

  8. Oh Anna there is no hiding your painting background now. Yes that is a Jo Sonja pattern.

  9. Oh how I know this feeling so well!

  10. oof! yes!!!!!! i feel yer pain. and share it. constantly. :)